women's role in patriarchal society pdf

Feminism with the help of gender studies has explained that we play our gender roles which are the roles women and men have in society where men are supposed to behave like men and women like women (Andersen, 2006). stream Role of women as a faithful wife and devout mother was widely acknowledged (Desai & Krishnaraj, … T�n���&*�E��%�!�z��)��Q]1��ǀ=����1�zQN�(a�'z��٭����X$�$�&�@�1������d�������~���ɫA(Bs�?���*�;J�3�e��N��q|���Lt�����*X��m8�/I]:�$�w��h\��h�|[]:QK3��������1Z�A��V q����b�ʘ�y��K������ ��ěl�i�шs��t�RYt�v{2�mc���gإ����.�zW�N��������*�~#�bBtݙobh�q�as#�~>`����^!������L>�"(�$���"�,���+��'�o~\ӻ����CK�m��|ӕ(��S�~K��x�����j{� C�ϊl�&�s�$Ηb����bft���h���ӥ.��~? /Length 9 0 R Despite differences in levels of domination the broad principles remain the same, i.e. /Metadata 3 0 R << ��wR< men are in control. endobj /JT 4 0 R The woman is linked to virtues of submission, passivity, sacrifice, compromise, tolerance and devotion. %���� Patriarchy is a system of social stratification and differentiation on the basis of sex which provides material advantages to males while simultaneously placing severe constraints on the roles and activities of females; with various taboos to ensure conformity with specified gender roles.4 l�ѓ3�' �����D��q,�@�_�$Qɬ� f�B���|݅���ʭ#��~���yHT�v����~���}��~�>��7����Y���vض��$u(�/g�G;�х����I�9�os�1׽;D�R`���!�gtW�2O��:-�i�tG�T�ӑ}���m����w4��˱x��zh42�B[��Ն��懕cs�/q �_��r8��N� �c���J�����#��K|�v‡O5g�`��ABR���n�Q����=�X��?�]�Ӭ���s��O���.���PH�=��G� �vGj����"�C��(��y���3W쟺��5���>fiPat�zW�c ϛd�S�&ԝ�i� Qualities associated with men and women became completely divergent. /CreationDate <3F382A6B0A2CDA43152EA8AE26044E5D46> /Creator <2B517B2953659E43097FF5F432651B1D6FFCC48AF074A5991BE4> >> /Type /Catalog << @hB�$F��::���Y��`^["�����.������q�,E� �mZ��DdžXH)57 << 1 0 obj 2 0 obj Patriarchy is the prime obstacle to women’s advancement and development. 3 0 obj �.���?��� �1�U���k��yc7�C�N �v�ee �;V�cg�T���*� ��e`��P,���Jm�D�I@�T_\��6Ő���\�M�^����e�i*�er��0����V��Z��m��l3�6����A*3K�y�� f_0�8*5��d��P�aH���춸�:��2&h����7�#*mU4t,S�I�id}���IkE�#��UK�[ɏ��!�vf T(t�ݴ���Pl5� 9. >> )*oVx�/ �����u=}��ܜ����BҚ���`֜qլ���յ�dO� The nature of control and subjugation of women varies from one patriarchal society to the other. /ModDate <3F382A6B0A2CDA401722A8AC26064B5A46> endobj The nature of this control may differ. /Subtype /XML /Type /Metadata << ))c���}��Z6�/,��tqK�F7��Ղ�CkS�23ٮ�v�!2=�m�a�ѥ���s�N�.Y��x&�jc�}���]36 X�,�륚205��P 6]&j��Z���ĝ淉ћ�bO���]������������B�L_ӕjm4�&[�1�[u�gF��L~`�\�x0X*2R!��D~'Q�V�m� �/����UP43���n*U@!uJ;��?��7"+�:���ݹ׾HR��ݰl/|�o��U��wd���[���i�����N۲K2F����dN8�'��Y���b7Vd���w�@���=�r��~ 焬-��"��1�'@�-�8 /Names 2 0 R 7 0 obj Therefore, patri- ... women were widely popular. To be a man in patriarchal society means to appear to be in control”(French, 56). endobj oL1 �e*���$E�>���� �ي�ݪ�̟�=��f#�B���.��Sٴ�G���\�w����C������I‰��O{x]|�p<5��aW�Wye'/,����EJG���Ǭ0-��L��JrϳSw���/*���5C��jH�c�x��c\P�zah���j�d��X����d�2 /Title <366B7B2955668510533BCEF760575E423CD7CAC9A228FFCC50A45D6130> %����Q'�� %PDF-1.6 /Producer <3A616A3458749E566372EAEC7B5F120A6EB59CCAE06FBE8B1D81C4663A2AB07676> >> /Pages 5 0 R ܷ����?��|�c2tхk�o����NgKY���+Z�o���z���Qc@H�[t=Nj�u�����_�Z�#3;��H /Author <3567753A547183> /PageLabels 6 0 R >> /EmbeddedFiles 8 0 R

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