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Then, he is placed in a box, which Jafar later opens. He is taken back to her palace, where it turns out that he was forced by her to bring Alice back to Wonderland. When Knave is sentenced to a public execution, a crowd gathers outside to await the spectacle, to which Tweedledee spots Alice. —Tweedledee to the Red Queensrc Tweedledee, also known asTweedle #1,1is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. As their Queen turns to leave, Tweedledee and Tweedledum follow behind. The Red Queen refuses their help and handles Alice by giving her a glaring lecture. Upon arriving, the three land in a Mallow Marsh. The premiere received generally positive reviews from critics, despite low ratings; the episode was watched by 5.8 million viewers. Show Information At the top, she spies the Hatter's house. Alice heroically rescues Knave and they escape by launching themselves into a maze with a catapult. GALLERY. Alive [1], A title card which states "Once Upon a Time...". The morning of the procedure, the Knave and White Rabbit come to save Alice, and the three of them escape the asylum and journey through a rabbit hole back to Wonderland, after convincing Alice that Cyrus has been seen alive. "Down the Rabbit Hole" is the first episode of the Once Upon a Time spin-off series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He convinces the Knave to help him save Alice, who is in Victorian England. Portrayed by: Physical Description Overcome with rage, Alice slaps the Red Queen for not helping Knave, to which Tweedledee and Tweedledum move to defend her. "Down the Rabbit Hole" is the first episode of the Once Upon a Time spin-off series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Her house Alice runs from the house, crying until she finds an amulet belonging to Cyrus on the ground. Before she is eaten, the Knave returns, throwing a piece of size-altering mushroom into the Cheshire Cat's mouth. We know that Thursday night is a highly competitive night for TV, but if you're a fan of Once Upon a Time's mesmerizing tales, you'll love exploring the new dangerous and dreamy world of Wonderland. She takes off her heel, where it turns out she keeps three glowing gems that are actually wishes that Cyrus gave her long ago. One of the guards grabs the White Rabbit to bring him towards the Red Queen, who walks up with the two Tweedles beside her. We don't have names, my lady. Once Upon a Time. Physical Description After dumping the White Rabbit out of a bag, he quickly departs from the room. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Characters, https://onceuponatime.fandom.com/wiki/Mrs._Rabbit?oldid=894507, Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships. She débuts in the eighth episode and is voiced by special guest star Whoopi Goldberg. I really only have two concerns about the ongoing series: how they will sustain the plot and keep it interesting and how they will maintain the standard for the large number of visual effects. Tweedledee She offers one to the Knave if he helps her see this adventure through. Written by Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Zack Estrin, and Jane Espenson, and directed by Ralph Hemecker, it premiered on ABC in the United States on October 10, 2013. As a result, Jafar is stripped out of his former powers and the spell he used to remove restrictions on magic is undone. He débuts in the first episode and is portrayed by co-star Matty Finochio. "We really want to tell the story without having to worry about how to stretch it for five years," said Edward Kitsis. [11] David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle also gave the episode a mixed review. Mrs. Rabbit suggests using willow root sap to close Cyrus' injury, but Amara refuses. He then said "it won't matter if the story doesn't start making sense or if the special effects — mostly absent in an unfinished online screener, but unimpressive when visible — don't provide sufficiently trippy pleasure. Jafar was the one who wanted Alice back in Wonderland. In Wonderland, Tweedledee and his twin, Tweedledum, become servants of Anastasia, who is soon to marry the Red King. Brown Relatives: It's just that much fun. During the conversation, Tweedledum notices the Queen of Hearts has come to greet Anastasia. "[9], Rick Porter of Zap2it gave the episode a moderate review, saying "If you're a devotee of the works of Lewis Carroll, "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" will probably make you cringe more than once. Mrs. Rabbit is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. Status: First mention: While she is settling in at the castle, they introduce themselves to her. Alice, the Knave and the White Rabbit continue their search, walking through a field in the distance. So too for its spinoff [...] which has similar virtues and vices. Latest appearance: Starring Lana Parrilla, Colin O'Donoghue, Andrew West Genres Fantasy, Drama Subtitles English [CC], Español, more… Français, Italiano Audio languages English, Español, more… Français, Italiano. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The best way to help her now is to let me do my work. After capturing her proof in the form of the White Rabbit, she encounters Cyrus (Peter Gadiot), a genie with whom she falls in love. First appearance: Mrs. Rabbit Then, he and Tweedledum are sent away. It can also be breathtakingly stupid and so corny it makes after-school specials look like Edward Albee plays. Her imaginative stories about a talking White Rabbit (John Lithgow) and a mystical place called Wonderland end up getting the attention of Dr. Lydgate (Jonny Coyne), a psychologist from an asylum. "Heart of the Matter" However, his luck runs out when the Red Queen discovers the betrayal and takes off his head for it. Brown The pilot is strong, and it benefited some from having the portal to the realm of make believe already wide open to viewers in Once Upon a Time. They are interrupted by the Red Queen (Emma Rigby), who has her henchmen attack them. Male Eye color: Home: Tweedledee frets over the trivial manner of conducting the search while she is not appropriately dressed. She is the wife of the White Rabbit. Species: [14], "Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Big Bang Theory', 'The X Factor' & 'Glee' Adjusted Up; 'The Vampire Diaries' & 'The Millers' Adjusted Down", "Emma Rigby Cast In ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' Spinoff As Red Queen", "ABC fall schedule revealed: 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' In that case, not even a hookah will help. A servant is defined only by his service. Tweedledee is based on the character of the same name from the novel Through the Looking-Glass, and the Disney film Alice in Wonderland. Portrayed by: "[10], Margaret Lyons's review via Vulture was more mixed, as she said "ABC's fairy-tale mishmash Once Upon a Time can be exciting and fun and sexy and a little badass. She débuts in the eighth episode and is voiced by special guest star Whoopi Goldberg. Whatever it ends up being, we'll have told a complete story ..."[5], The premiere was watched by 5.82 million American viewers, and garnered an 18-49 rating/share of 1.7/5, placing third in its timeslot and tenth for the night. Satisfied with the news, Jafar asks for a later reminder to reward him for his services. Written by Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Zack Estrin, and Jane Espenson, and directed by Ralph Hemecker, it premiered on ABC in the United States on October 10, 2013. He called Naveen Andrews's role as Jafar "well enough to suggest the character can have a place in the hybridized plot", but then commented negatively on Emma Rigby's role as the Red Queen, calling her "a blond version of the Regina Mills/Evil Queen character played by Lana Parrilla on the original Once", and calling her acting "flat-out awful in the role. They are dismissed when the White Rabbit comes for a visit. Through a mirror, Tweedledee notifies him of Knave's capture. ("Heart of Stone"), When the Red Queen makes a trip to the lair, Tweedledee follows along, though Jafar is nowhere to be seen and neither is Cyrus. Status: The Knave returns her wishes, Alice assuring him that wishes will not work unless they are granted, not stolen. Wonderland Character ("Home"), By the Red Queen's machinations, Mrs. Rabbit and her children are kidnapped by her as a way to force the White Rabbit to obey her every command. ("Who's Alice"), Tweedledee continues to secretly work for Jafar, and goes as far as stealing the bottle from the Red Queen's castle for him. Healer Outside, the Red Queen observes a wall where Cyrus might've climbed down from. Alice, Amara, Cyrus and the White Rabbit team up to defeat Jafar, who has recently broken the laws of magic. The Rabbit recounts that he himself did not see Cyrus, rather that he had been told by the Dormouse that the latter had seen Cyrus at the Mad Hatter's house, which has been abandoned for some time. Tweedledum (brother) In fear of his family's lives, he follows all the Red Queen's commands. She attempts to use bodily force against the only remaining prisoner for answers, but he tells her nothing. They stay there until being discovered by Knave, and he persuades them it's safe to leave. During his time in Victorian England, Alice follows Percy through a rabbit hole to Wonderland. Mrs. Rabbit states she learned herbal healing skills from her mother, who was taught by her own mother. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Show Information For safety reasons, Mrs. Rabbit takes her two children to her mother's house while her husband continues on a journey with Alice and Knave.

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