when it hurts motivational speech lyrics

Because LIFE doesn't give you what you want. You know – NOT when everyone is watching. Imagine if you got what you want, every time. When It Hurts By: Coach Pain. When it hurts, DO MORE. And if you haven't worked for it. But YOU… YOU ARE TOUGHER! And I won’t give up either!! You can forget about the success, the greatness. Because LIFE doesn't give you what you want. Enjoyed everywhere, The Lyrics for Discipline (Motivational Speech) by Fearless Motivation have been translated into 6 languages, These lyrics have been translated into 6 languages, Übersetzung von Discipline (Motivational Speech), Traduzione di Discipline (Motivational Speech), Traducción de Discipline (Motivational Speech), Translation of Discipline (Motivational Speech). I have been in the field for 26+ years and plan to stay here for many more. Why didn’t I set my goal lower so I could get it easier? Then – you don't deserve it. Focus on the everyday habits and tasks that will make you be the success you want. Even when it hurts, don't stop. Keep fighting forward. 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All creative commons footage is listed at the end of the video and is licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Be someones strength when they are weak. But if you STAY STRONG and KEEP FIGHTING you will not only survive DISCIPLINE. And if you haven't worked for it. When pain comes, that means it's time to show character! Life can be brutal. You know – NOT when everyone is watching. Life can be brutal. Take Responsibility for Your Life (Motivational Speech V2.0) 4. Give me more! That is working hard. PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN. From The NEW Motivational Speeches Album: TODAY IS THE DAY – Get it On iTunes | Google Play or Amazon MP3 If you give up you will NEVER make it… Learn how your comment data is processed. MASTER THE FUNDAMENTALS THAT OTHERS NEGLECT, AND YOU CAN BECOME A MASTER OF YOUR DOMAIN. Now, think about it. When it get's painful. And if you haven't worked for it. You know that in order to be EXTRAordinary, that you have to do that EXTRA. LOVE the pain. Why am I trying so hard to be better than my circumstances? 67. How to Educate Students to Become Social Change Agents? KEEP GOING. why and where did you give this speech? Then, you will come out on top, What is important to you? Don't you give up on life. Never Quit Motivational Speech V2.0: 2. But when no one is watching. By getting your mind in the right mindset, you can inch closer to motivating yourself. If it hurts, you know there's progress. Nothing can stop you if you don't stop for anything. Life Is Persistent Contact us if you have any specific questions on use: team@fearlessmotivation.com. “When It Hurts” – Inspiring Motivational Speech Video. It gives you what you deserve. So don't quit. If only I had raised my son with these videos when he was a child, but he’s only 21 so he can still learn to never give up! but everything turns out WRONG. Leggi la nostra policy in materia di cookies. 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