what are the 7 types of sentences?

We can also refer to the linking items as ‘linkers’ because they link items of equal grammatical weight or status; word and word, group and group, clause and clause then sentence and sentence. That god has graciously been kind, generous, merciful and compassionate to me – beta They require offenders to pay a percentage of their weekly or monthly earnings, thus attempting to equalize the financial impact of the sentence on the offender. The following examples depict compound-complex structures: Read more about Compound-Complex Sentence in English. This was the example of a compound sentence but I can’t understand why. Your email address will not be published. Once you are able to identify 3 or more alpha clauses with one or more beta clauses, what you have is a MULTIPLE-COMPLEX SENTENCE. 5. But, before explaining about these sentence structures, it is essential that we have sufficient knowledge of some terms which are related to the sentence structures under consideration. I’m a student and I want become an English’ Teacher. You must hold yourself most significantly responsible for what happens or fails to happen in Nigeria – alpha To interact closely with you – (BETA) That if you can shun yourself to a great extent of personal and political interests – (BETA) The presidential spokesperson Harry Bareto put it, “If the people continue selling drugs, they would be hunted down by the policemen who are so eager to work even at night .” – Compound-complex Some add ‘yet’ to the list but it is a ‘marginal conjunction’. 1. To interact closely with you – beta But I opine that one beta clause plus two alpha clauses should produce a compound-complex sentence. Offenders sentenced to boot camps live in military‐style barracks and undergo rigorous physical and behavioral training for three to six months. To prevent the arbitrary application of the death penalty, death‐penalty statutes contain many safeguards. that I should alert you on the possible danger that may be lurking in the corner: SUBORDINATE CLAUSE WITH ANOTHER EMBEDDED CLAUSE to achieve god’s purpose in your life. 6. from those who in the interest of the nation may not tell you what you will want to hear -beta Read about our approach to external linking. 6. If the sentence stays at ‘come and eat’, then it is a compound sentence and also functionally, an imperative sentence. PLEASE help me identifying the structure of this sentence: Asset forfeiture consists of the government's seizing of personal assets obtained from or used in a criminal enterprise. before the door closes on reason and promotion of national interest: SUBORDINATE CLAUSE. Probation officers monitor offenders and hook them up with various services in the community. I have come to the conclusion painfully – (ALPHA) This IS a simple sentence, just with a compound predicate. Sentences are used: to make statements: I took some money out of the bank. ‘to develop’ can also read ‘will develop’ – verb Yes! I read somewhere that “come and dance” is a compound sentence, how true is this? “..rather than buy textbooks—BETA (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A sentence that is compound-complex is a sentence that has two main, alpha or independent clauses and one or more subordinate, beta or dependent clauses. Punishing by shaming provides a cheap and morally satisfying alternative to punishment. 3. The subordinate clause in a complex sentence is usually introduced by a subordinator or a subordinate conjunction. That is, two clauses make up a compound sentence and the two of them are main clauses as we have in the following examples: Note that each clause in a compound sentence can stand on its own as a complete sentence because each clause is actually a simple sentence joined by a conjunction.

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