terraria sleeping not speeding up time

Use Time increased from 23 to 24, Hellwing Bow Only gains 25% benefit from increased melee speed stats, Anchor * Chests can now spawn near the surface of the world. Over 100 new furnitures were added to existing tilesets. Player placed dirt walls now have new graphics to differ from generated walls. Fixed chests which turn into big mimics on multiplayer would no longer allow destroying another chest that would be placed in their position Added several new monster statues. Topaz Gemspark Blocks now emit yellow light rather than purple. Mediumcore and hardcore players will drop their cursor item on death. Added sliders for parallax & volume settings. Fixed issue where you could use items when hovering between the item slots on the bottom row of the inventory Less Wasps, more damage. * Handgun and Phoenix Blaster have been reduced in size. They will make a complete loop if you continue pressing the same button, while previously LT and RT could each only send you to different parts of the UI Fixed a bug where the background was showing through some Stone Slab parts. Fixed bug where Crimson hearts would be called shadow orbs in minimap Added Tungsten Bullet, so Tungsten worlds can craft their ammo too Damage decreased from 5 to 4, Bone Pickaxe Improved melee hit detection around slopes. Moss hornets can now drop Bezoars Outside of the DD2 Invasion event, you now have a limit of one sentry summon at a time Fixed Town NPCs attempts to return to their room not being as successful as they should be, Version Changes———————————————————————————————–, Fixes: Added a variety of ambient background objects in the sky There is a rare spawn mini boss that can be found during blizzards in the above ground ice biome Dungeon Necromancers are less likely to teleport when hit. Fixed numerous attack forms not being synced server-side (unicorn mount, slime mount, solar dash, EoC dash, etc) And are now a bit brighter. Bloody Spine now required 30 Vicious Powder in its recipe For a player to sleep, they have to come up to a bed and right click, exactly like setting spawn points in vanilla. Fixed an issue where Crystal Blocks merged oddly with other blocks * New Enemy – Jungle Slime Critters spawned from statues are no longer catchable. You can now turn platforms into stairs using the hammer. Rainbow Rod Bone Javelin Crafting: Ocean mobs can now spawn on biome oceans, this applies to the Sleeping Angler Kid as well. Fixed an issue where some wall items would be placed substantially slower than other wall items Shadow Chests now contain a new item. Added several new bricks/walls to go with ores or blocks that did not have them Fixed bug where steampunk workbench was not craftable. Platforms now stack to 999. Fixed torch dupe bug Water will now change color based on the biome you are in and depth underground Added Lunar Event track. Changed the requirement for the demolitionist to sell land mines to defeating Plantera NPCs who are manually assigned to a room will attempt to return to it when they respawn after being slain Crafting: Jungle Spores Required increased from 3 to 9, Beekeeper There are several new pets including the Mini Minotaur (Thank you Tobuscus) Piranha Gun now hits monsters more times per second, Heart Lanterns are now craftable out of Life Crystals Cacti no longer destroy blocks as they grow. Floating island chests no longer require a key Added several new underground cave wall graphics. Fixed an issue where Corrupt/Crimson Chasms generated over the Dungeon and blocked its entrance Added one brand new “Personal Safe” style furniture item, in the style of the Piggy Bank and Safe Flamelash, Sunfury, and Flower of Fire are no longer dropped, they are now found in shadow chests in the underworld. You can now untie bound NPC’s with Autopause enabled. Fixed bug where info accessories displayed info when you looked at empty signs but not when you looked at texty signs. It is now much more likely that you will spawn on a flat clean surface when creating a new world. Features: * Entering the dungeon before defeating Skeletron now spawns a new NPC instead of Skeletron’s head. No, we did not remove Ducks. Pharaoh’s Robe now draws the player’s hand properly. Ice Patches will now spawn during world gen in the Ice Biome. * Ammo items are now listed as Ammo in their tool-tip and Equipable Items that offer no stat bonus list as Vanity Items in their tool-tip. Eclipses are no longer persistent between worlds The Mushroom Spear has had its sale price increased. Bombs will no longer blow up chlorophyte You can now craft Web and Silk Rope. Fixed an issue where you could use actuators to break a Lihzahrd Altar early Fixed Defender’s Forge closing instantly if opened from below Damage dealt by others in multiplayer now appears faded vs normal damage numbers. Added a couple music instruments with basic musical functionality, and added some control over the pitch of The Axe’s sound Additionally, optimized digging loadouts still perform better on pickaxes/axes, but drills and chainsaws will be faster on non-optimized loadouts Marshmallows no longer duplicate (for real this time) Use Time increased from 17 to 18 Pre-Wall of Flesh variants do not contain Hardmode Ores. Fixed framedrops related to onyx blaster shots Game default cave parallax is now 60 , rather than 0. * New Item : Shine Potion Fixed all the spider hitboxes when on walls B. * Traces of demonite are created during world gen. (Requires new world. Fixed spider queen and frost hydra spazzing against worms Journey’s End: Changes and Revisions to Pre-Existing Content: A. UI, Menus, Options, and Quality of Life: 637k members in the Terraria community. Vilethorn does more damage and uses less mana Fixed a number of exploits Fixed issue where players could hack themselves “difficulty 3”. Added experimental feature: texture pack support! Fixed bug where projectiles did not reset frame on set defaults. Fixed Loki’s dye missing the common developer’s tooltip Fixed certain melee weapons causing framedrops when used at (very) far distance from hittable targets Added the Forbidden Armor Set * Bats, Hornets, and Eyeballs no longer enter water. Money drop value decreased from 1.3 Silver to 1 Silver, Bone Throwing Skeletons (Expert Only) Each time you complete a quest, the rewards progressively get better. Fixed a message about Slime Rain ending when quitting out of a Slime Raining world and joining one that has no Slime Rain Slightly lowered damage of higher tier gem staves. Version Changes———————————————————————————————–. Added one new light pet Fixed a typo on the Alternate Undeground Music Box. All of the DD2 defenses can now have prefixes! Chlorophyte Swords have been buffed. Fixed achievements menu slider bar hanging on top of screen if all filters are disabled early game it feels like the nights take an eternity and the days are too short. Now available earlier due to the change to Desert Fossil mining, Night Vision Helmet Fixed Team Dye not stacking correctly Fixed a wide variety of Cape related transparency issues, which should result in Capes looking better overall Hallowed Set Eight new armor sets Stardust Guardian is now dyable with your vanity pet dye (have some creative fun!) Fixed an issue where Hermes Boots in the 6th accessory slot in Normal mode would make dashing sounds anyway, even though you didn’t dash Flamelash is ‘launched’ when you release the mouse button, rather than disappearing. Snow should no longer fall indoors when the ceiling is offscreen Snow biomes will always be created during world gen during the holiday season. You will now be able to enter the password every time when entering or creating a server. Fixed bug where Guide would talk about crafting lens when you don’t have any. They can also be painted, and are no longer destroyed unless their inventory is empty Enemies can pick up your gold when you die and attempt to run off with it. Added the Duke Fishron boss theme Added 8 new crafting stations. Fixed numerous translation errors Fixed an issue where the password box would sometimes not show up. Increased Mining Potion duration. Fixed Martian Probe not causing Martian Invasions when it should. Fixed accuracy issues, improved the speed at which sparkles explode. Fixed some banner names You can now craft Crisp Honey Blocks. Damage increased from 14 to 15 Fixed an issue where the Angler would not say most of his dialogue Fixed the Fairy Bell buff from breaking quick buff. The best short summary is that over a dozen sets of wings were buffed, and that Leaf and Frozen Wings have been reduced in power, as they were too strong for their tier.

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