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Others still serve in soup kitchens for the poor. They also objected to the ages that the curriculum writers were exposing children to sensitive issues which they felt were a parent’s obligation and privilege to teach, such as sex education. Free Printables 0 As a guide it provides a broad outline of activities and a suggested sequence for the content of Life Orientation (Life Orientation Subject Statement, DoE 2003). We have found family based exercise to be the best. In 2002 life orientation became a compulsory subject in South African schools from Grade R all the way to Grade 12. All these topics are worthwhile to spend time on, specifically if scholars do not have parents who train and teach them but instead spend many hours separated from the family unit. It is the only compulsory subject at the FET level. ɸ�l�ar��8�1 ��1�:�Ȏ/z0�Q'��zW������H��)�@2O���G�1�#����{�l3.�bH"�M���jN���>ƅ�G�� Many Christian parents have been shocked by the method in which some of this knowledge is transmitted. endstream endobj 669 0 obj <>/Metadata 29 0 R/Outlines 45 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 666 0 R/StructTreeRoot 48 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 670 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 671 0 obj <>stream Life Orientation is the study of the self in relation to others and to society. h�bbd``b`� $�� �:H0/q��w�x����Ȥ d100C��o� � N� We believe that if we train our children to do their chores, and more, to work hard and diligently they will learn many of these skills naturally. Sex EducationThis topic was the one which undoubtedly caused more of the uproar in 2002 and rightly so. Let’s take a look at how each of them can be covered naturally in the home. HIGH SCHOOL OPTIONS Free Printable Chore Charts Orientation; it is necessary to first explain the context in which Life Orientation as a subject arose and what its general aims are. This subject was them implemented in schools with the Revised National Curriculum Statement or C2005. Most people who matriculated more than a decade ago, will remember life skills, guidance counselling, PT classes and religious studies. 676 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<31A05F8B4E17A14594BE747C73A3F2BF>]/Index[668 19]/Info 667 0 R/Length 59/Prev 172386/Root 669 0 R/Size 687/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream of content knowledge--subject matter content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and curricular content knowledge--are at the heart of much of the current inquiry. menstrual irregularity and infertility in women. Prior to this there were a group of subjects like Guidance, PT (physical training) and Religious Education that Life Orientation then replaced. However, it is important to note that if your children plan to write the National Senior Certificate for matric, then they will be required to complete a formal life orientation course and write a final exam. It is the only compulsory subject at the FET level. Hopefully other families do as we do in that they do not continue to spread the prejudicial mindsets of the past and in fact, rather choose to help correct the injustices of the past and see everyone as valuable and precious in God’s sight. +Ž/Î Ü®Œ÷‡Gcål§~U÷†}ßán3â’"˜Ò2ÊMØÌtw»½CEÑ×éîîÖ#©®Ó;ãµÀtº˜¥ We would like to see our children reaching out to the poor, neglected, abused and hungry people of this country to be Jesus’ hands and feet as He directs them to those in need. This makes it seems cool and fashionable. Life orientation is one of the newly introduced subjects in the NCS. h��WYo�6�+|l\އ� ���j��M��Z���a�*h��;3"iJ{8�=$�s���4r�3��LV0TL�`R%�v�b� The Health risks include: lung cancer, as well as marijuana-induced schizophrenia. In this lesson you will look at a number of drugs which can cause harm. In order to identify the needs for training Life Orientation educators, it is important to analyse their skills for effective facilitation of the Life Orientation in the senior phase is primarily customized according to the needs and concerns of learners (Department of Education undated:15). ... Life Orientation is one the learning areas which was introduced by Curriculum 2005 in the General Education and Training band. It was then undertaken by the curriculum writers to educate the school children in the form of what we fear to be too much information, too soon. Social PrejudiceHow could our new government not want to address this after all the years of apartheid? Electric Cigarettes (E-Cigarette) is a device which vaporizes a nicotine liquid which is inhaled into the lungs. endstream endobj startxref Some homeschoolers have become involved in working with differently-abled children, others have worked for Habitat for Humanity and actually built homes for people. Injecting can also result in skin, heart and lung infections. SA Children’s Books Ultimately, life orientation in the homeschooling home is covered naturally. Community BuildersWe have often said at workshops to parents, that one goal we have with our children is that when they leave home they will be the influencers, not the influenced. And of course, by using Footprints On Our Land programs your children will gain a huge appreciation for this wonderful country of ours, understand the pains of the past and be inspired to be part of the solution in the future. GED 668 0 obj <> endobj This is the only subject that is not examined externally, all of its assessment is school based with the exception of an external moderation at Grade 12. A … The reality is that it has serious health risks. Users of cocaine find it difficult to stop after the first "hit". Recent studies show that the E-Cigarette can cause cancer. It addresses skills, knowledge and values for the personal, social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth of learners, and is concerned with the way in which these facets are interrelated. This subject was them implemented in schools with the Revised National Curriculum Statement or C2005. The sad fact of the matter is that the majority of children in South Africa do not live in “safe” homes and the level of child abuse and teenage sexual activity needed to be addressed. R•ƒŒ¢õ‹ü I ÊÆIRü™¸qJ–Æ!ÉK�±�—O)#Ş(ò¶9N�ÍšâAÇñÒâÇ�¯¼³¬ŒEq¸UÁĞ’´DD! �h&�r01L�J��2-�aw���|Zo���������>�����Ŷ��+~��,�?�0����o����+&�lºͧ�Ϯ��� �j��熿���0������Ͻ�۷h;oV�B8~^?�ش�O����~�L+�/��i�/֫n:]�;s��SΊ�i��^��/�L6m���8���ᴾ�%Ƭ�4��)�Y{�F~�Ջv>Y=.&��k�?��à(�i�����㵲�����H��n5_?��G��]MV�6�/�Ͷ;�7�bh��n��TG e-�}��� n�)��~螶w� What teachers need to know about the subject matter they teach extends beyond the They run and jump and climb and ride bikes. ... Life Orientation is one the learning areas which was introduced by Curriculum 2005 in the General Education and Training band. Technology h�bbd```b``9"�@$�>�d�"�A��i)f��� �"e`q��:�����&$�I!�H��pɞ��Dr&���$��{ ���$�U> q������� r[f endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 232 0 obj <>stream Special Needs (SEN) �YS�xG[���M&. SA Board Game Browsing by Subject "Life Orientation content" Login. Afrikaans High School & Matric, Preschool: ABC Fun & 1-2-3 h�b```�V�#� cc`a�X�V�� ���1Nب�;��J(�+��`�TT����a�A��bX:�j��C6-���m ���Mta��c�Ž�'��H��vq(3�����@� ���l�g+�;�+���B�ļ ڜ�t����kwӻخͬ���. %PDF-1.5 %���� and purpose of the subject Life Orientation. If your children are going to write the British Cambridge exams to obtain a homeschool matric, or even an American school leaving qualification, life orientation is not necessary as a subject but we believe it is a crucial, albeit natural, part of a homeschooler’s school-leaving preparation.

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