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Contribution of Department of, Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India is highly, appreciable. Four commercial carnation cultivars, viz. Support matrix, (glass beads) and plastic equipment (jam jars, insulin, and vet syringes) were used repeatedly after, maintaining and washing them thoroughly before re-. Tissue culture means scientific temperament towards, sophistication. Maximum net returns and benefit cost ratio was obtained from cultivar Niva (R 12 34 091.20 and 8.55:1) followed by Farida (R 11 40 851.20 and 7.90:1) and Madras (R 11 35 811.20 and 7.87:1) with fertilizer module comprising of 20-5-5 g/m2 NPK as basal dose and 200 ppm N + 280 ppm K as fertigation twice a week (FM5), while, lowest was associated with cultivar White Wedding. Use of, preparations and distilled water for media preparation, is used for washing plants prior to sterilization and. Strips, of glass wool, nylon, filter paper and polystyrene foam, slocks have been used as supporting bridges for the, propagation of chrysanthemum on MS medium, media showed higher multiplication rate and better. Therefore, to overcome this limitation, a number of. Recent developments have resulted, in greatly increased light output for red and blue light-, emitting diodes (LEDs). crops such as potato, strawberry, oil palm, banana. Protocols standardized and reported above are not, expected to be accepted for any crop for various, reasons. A second LED (660/735) array supplied 83% red light at 660 nm and 17% far-red light at 735 nm (25 nm bandwidth at half-peak height). Similarly, artificial lights in media preparation, transfer and, hardening rooms can be reduced (c.f. They used, laboratory grade sucrose with two types of local. In the plant propagation medium Kaur, reduced the cost of medium considerably by 96.8, percent. commercial table sugar (white and brown sugar). Sci), Indian Council of Agricultural Resear, propagation to reduce the costs without compromising the, ., 2000; Zapata, 2001). © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Variety Teresa showed moderately resistant reaction (24.57 %) against powdery mildew infection. During rooting no significant difference was. The technique has, certain demerits like high production cost which have limited the use and exploitation at industrial, level. This may be due to the fact, that conventional methods of propagation are cheaper, than tissue culture technology or there is a selective, approximately 80 percent of the world trade in the. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. horticulture, forestry and floriculture of any country. Sugars of cane or sugar beet, origin were suitable. Various strategies have been adopted by different researchers intelligently and seriously to simplify Different plant, tissue culturing components are, namely, nutrients/, media chemicals (plant growth hormones, vitamins and, minerals nutrients), plant materials, equipments. However, for. Ornamental industry has applied immensely, propagation approach for large-scale plant, multiplication of elite superior varieties (c.f. Agnihotri S Singh SK Jain M et al 2004 Indian J Biotechnol 3 : This reduces the number of lights and provide, uniform illumination to the cultures. Loss of plants at the hardening stage, contributes to increased costs of production. There are many advantages. Autoclavable stainless steel, Proper refinement of protocol will help in cost, justified in case of basic studies in tissue culture. Natural light can be used in, different natural light under plastic or glass in, temperate climates. Deb and Imchen (2010) reported an, ., 1995). In normal practice non-absorbent cotton, ., 1997; Kozai and Kubota, 1997; Schuerger and, . Deb and Arenmongla (2014) screened some low cost, substrata as alternative to agar for in vitro, Among the three alternative substrata incorporated, in the regeneration medium, regenerative response on, ‘foam disk’ as substratum was competitive with agar, Experiment indicated that 100 percent sucrose, supplementation during proliferation reduces the, chemical cost by 15.12 percent without causing any, significant difference among the number of multiple, shoots. The document has been prepared only from, published information as a review document. Dover by using a natural support, based on sugarcane bagasse as a substitute for the, with agar-grown micro-cuttings showed that the, sugarcane bagasse yielded better result. DBT has developed complete technology, package for more than 65 plant species of economic, importance through a network programme among. Low cost tissue culture technology may. The chapter is annexed with protocols and media composition for the micropropagation of selected crops. Agarose is also cost prohibitive for many, operators. is the potential for scaling-up in lesser time limit, reduction in the production cost as well as an, automated control of physical and chemical. In contrast, the number of colonies per leaf was highest and the mean colony diameters of S. fuliginea on cucumber plants were largest on leaves grown under the MH lamp (highest amount of blue and UV-A light) and least on leaves grown under the 660 LED array (no blue or UV-A light). This technology, can also be used to solve many practical problems in, economic plants. development and utilization of different cost effective methods/options by improving process efficiency All rights reserved. (2010) realized to evaluate the potential, ., 2006). The technique has has been, reviewed. Advantage of glass bead based liquid media. large-scale micropropagation (Boxus, 1978). substituting costly ingredients with low cost ingredients. T, ever-increasing demand for quality transplants, the, scaling-up of photoautotrophic micropropagation, systems, for commercialization, has become, advancement in the development and utilization of large, culture vessels for photoautotrophic micropropagation, with special emphasis on the feasibility of the system, for the commercial-scale propagation (Zobayed, A cost effective micropropagation protocol has been, developed successfully using both conventional and, unconventional low cost alternatives for the. Plantlets were, rooted in the multiplication media itself and. A deliberate change in the growth regulators added to a tissue culture medium can elicit a dramatic response in a cultured plant. ginger, turmeric, potato, banana, orchids, chrysanthemum, lentil, peanut, chickpea, medicinal, plants, fruit trees etc. It is not the sophistication but the procedures that, ensure the quality of tissue cultured plants.

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