quotes to make him regret hurting you

I complained but he said he is very busy with a few important work. If he misses you or is in a place that he's comfortable re-establishing contact, he will. My ex and I were together for 4 months then broke up because he found someone new and that didn’t work out at all and he told me you don’t realize what you have until you lost it and we got back together and dated and said how much he loved me and was so happy to be with me and then we moved in together because he was going to school and I was going to work then a month later he left me because he felt like I didn’t love him and he didn’t think things were working out and that time we dated for 4 months and now he’s gone and he found someone new that I know I was better then and she isnt his type at all she is into drugs and isn’t the type he would be interested in. Now’s the time to let your anger out. Please help me. I thought I found true love at 20 and I wanted him back. he actually stood up for our relationship Within two more months he hardly spoke to me. Hang in there, everything will be alright. A few hours later, I meet up with a friend and I tell everything. So this was week before thanksgiving and literally 3 days later he went to we his friends new place, met her roommates and got interested. But separate is not that separate for us. Please tell me what to do? Ohhhh also found out that the girl is a “military wife” and she’s 10 years younger than him. Idk if it was love or what but we really liked each other. Hi And if not, the smart decision would be to move on. It has been a month since I last posted asking for adivce on what to do with my current situation. The thing with guys is that most of the time they’re not even aware of the fact that they did something wrong to you. We were fine? We been so close together! and I was in such a mental condition, that I called his parents up and said everything. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Because I know men are attracted to confidence my goal right now is to get him back in a few months or so, but also to keep moving forward with my life and not dwell on the negative side of things. The hard part for me is that towards the end, I started to feel that spark. We are not talking at all, and I see him quite often. I’m vacation was done and I was back home. I think you'll agree with me when I say: The 60-day no contact rule is…, Are you confused because your ex keeps sending you mixed messages? I’m slowly falling out of love with him. He always said he has no time for his own life and his kids come first. It's his loss for losing someone as unique and special as you are so don't feel sorry for yourself. He decided that it was a great opportunity to move to California for a better life for us and our two kids. What should I do? Begging him again would probably be a big mistake. I know he’s not afraid of losing me…he tells me he’s sure we’ll stay together because if he’s put up with me this long then he’ll probably stay. The past is dead, it’s time to start from scratch. I had never been this heartbroken in my life. Before we left he said to me that I have special place for him in his heart and that he doesn’t want to lose me in his life and to be friends. But I had a moment of weakness and this other guy was telling me all sorts of lies and I believed that other guy.. And ended up sleeping with him. He ended up breaking up with me for the second time, the first time he broke up with me is because he was overwhelmed with school and graduation. please reply! Just let go of that thought and allow yourself to start from scratch. Why do you see him once a week? But, worrying about what will happen and living in fear is the wrong way to handle it. By then he’ll have enough time to figure out what he wants, but he probably won’t tell it to you over text or something. Suddenly we started to argue for no reason. If it’s apparent he still cares about you deeply, he might regret that you’re hurting, but he might not regret that he broke up with you. I took a good man for granted and I am so mad at myself.. In fact, tell them to their faces, because they deserve to know what horrible people they really are. Reading this helped me a lot. i used to praise him all the time and make him think that he is a king. But remember guys don’t understand a lot of things and some of the times actually are just trying to let you down easy when they say they need a break. He hasn’t asked me how I am doing and I just think he is done.. How can I work with him…Please help me. It’s as if we’ve been conditioned to not take no for an answer, which quite frankly scares me. I think that if you want him to truly regret leaving you, and understand what he stands to lose, you may need to actually let him miss you. We were together 10 years and have a 3 year old daughter together. He and i texted all say like before and also hung out after his work a lot. He even told a mutual friend after the break up he cannsee himsekf with me for the rest of his life. Hello, my story is very different. I knew a guy since four months. Overview. I asked him and He couldn’t promise me that now . I went for no contact and did end up breaking it a couple of times, but what i did notice was a change in him. We crossed all stages by then. Over the years he changed, it took a lot of effort but he worked hard on his communications. Here’s my post about how to do it, I hope it helps: https://howtogetaguytowantyou.com/60-day-no-contact-rule/. He said he dont want me anymore that he dont know if he gonna miss me. Stop and get yourself a coffee on the way to work. The weird thing is that he wants me to be around and stay in touch but due to the big amount of lies he has done over the past 2 years I refused to stay close to him. And walked away completely crushed and he showed no sign of hurt. I honestly went above and beyond for him; paid for fun things for him, supported him when no one else had his back, love him unconditionally, forgiven him so many times (sad thing is we were almost perfect together; the fighting and negative stuff only came in the break up) just did him no wrong. Now he has broken up with me (six weeks ago) and eventually told me that he does not ever see us together (two weeks ago) because of the resentment that my lack of commitment caused. I have asked him if it is because of that and he leaves me on read. I want him to miss me and go crazy after me. Do u think the anger he has will subside. It’s time to regain your self-esteem and self-worth and remember who and what you are – no matter who is walking with you in the path of life. Anyway it’s because we didn’t see each other enough. Hi Lisa, When I asked if he changed his mind he ignored me. Focus on you. But aftera month he contacted me and we started talking. He moved back in with his mother and brother. What should i do to make him miss me and go crazy for me? There’s nothing more attractive than a woman that really loves herself. It’s best that we don’t talk right now, but I would like to be friends eventually.”. And nurture that thought that you deserve better? I have always loved him and always felt his love in the way he treated me(sometimes lol). But maybe people understand this only after some life experience, and you are still young. About a year ago I met this great guy at work. Hello Lisa. We work opposite shifts so it was hard. He never even tried to contact me . 2. He had to drive me back to uni as i had come down to his to see him and my family. Looking forward to your reply. I messed up so bad.. It has nothing to do with your depression, it has to do with what he is capable and not capable to deal with. He honestly seemed miserable with the way things were going and staying hone with no car made him feel like less of a man.. Because I made the money he felt like I was controlling him he said. So I obviously want my ex back unlike anything else. Better to accept love lost, than to keep going over it. I have a brain tumor and it has taken away so much from me. We also have been texting a lot “as friends” but its so painful that I just never replied to the last text. I messed up and said a bunch of things that I didn’t mean and deeply regret now. I don’t think you can do a no contact when you have a child together…but I also think that if she sends you pictures of her looking her best – it’s a definite sign that she is open to you getting back together. Is this possible? Could you please give your honest opinion on if I even have a chance to get him back and if so how would I? Like, no one can give us an answer as to “why”. And this is the exact gift he is trying to give you, and you are trying to give to your self. The reality is that you’re only 20 years old, and your whole life is waiting for you, and that you’ll meet dozens of other guys and when you BELIEVE it – You will find the right guy for you. And the reality is that as soon as you hit the first major obstacle in your relationship, he couldn’t handle it. They think that they have to be the center of your universe. At first I was scared because we never been separated ever since we started. so he did all these. And much more worthy too. Can I have some advice? He said that he just felt bad for not giving me the time I deserve. our relationship had its challenges, as most do, but he was so set on us getting through everything together. He didnt answer yet after two hours.. He only kept silent and told he will talk to me me later. The last we spoke was 3 days ago that too very formally. Then I said okay. But whenever he did have time we would always argue about how busy he is. I am so conflicted over what to do and feel. Go out and have fun! I just wonder if the feelings are gone for good and he’s just scared to be in a relationship (he hasn’t been in a relationship in about eight years and just got out of being in the marines for seven years so no female contact at all). Then someone found out about our relationship, and was very against it. But then after a day or two, I would wind up calling him or texting him and seeing how he would be doing and we would be back together. I think that if you already started with no-contact, maybe you should consider the 60-day no contact and see how that works? Broke up with my long distance bf two days ago. Or they might be spiritually based, such as reading from a religious text for half an hour every evening. One of the easiest ways you can win your ex-boyfriend back is by simply using your cell phone and tapping a bunch of buttons. But, you do. I think that deep down, you has a reason to insist NOT to commit to him. He also told me that he really likes me and he will never let me go. Things were great and then I became pregnant again basically 5 months after my daughter was born. Monday. I was devastated. I then found out about the the gf- shit hit the ran, she was mad at him, respectful to me, admitted she was married and only used my ex as jealousy bait for her hubby to come back. We met each others families, were spending much of our free time together, etc. The last time we talked on the phone he called me babe someone I haven’t seen or really talked to in almost 2 months called me babe then said it was out of habbit. Note that my friend practically lives on the same street as my ex-boyfriend. I need him to realize that nobody can love him or have patience for him like I still do. I contacted an ex and slept with him that night but there were no feelings behind it. He says he will still have feelings for me and love me for a very long time, and I told him the same thing. I think that he can sense that you feel a bit insecure or not so self confident and unknowingly this drives him away from you. My crush is a 25 year old woman (I'm 19, female as well). In the end, I’ll tell you when to send it. And when the time goes we went to his house.

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