poisson's ratio rock mechanics

Spessartine almandine garnet, Pressure dependence and anisotropy of P‐wave velocities in ultrahigh‐pressure metamorphic rocks from the Dabie‐Sulu orogenic belt (China): Implications for seismic properties of subducted slabs and origin of mantle reflections, Shear wave properties and Poisson's ratios of ultrahigh‐pressure metamorphic rocks from the Dabie‐Sulu orogenic belt: Implications for the crustal composition, Elasticity of single‐crystal quartz to 10 GPa, The elasticity of the upper mantle orthosilicates olivine and garnet to 3 GPa, The pressure dependence of the elastic moduli of single‐crystal orthopyroxene (Mg, High pressure elasticity, shear‐mode softening and polymorphism in MnO, Elastic properties of the olivine and spine1 polymorphs of Mg, The single‐crystal elastic moduli of stishovite, Single‐crystal elastic properties of the spinel phase of Mg, High pressure elastic anisotropy of MgSiO, Acoustic velocities and elastic properties of pyrite (FeS, Elasticity and anharmonicity of potassium chloride at high temperature, Synthesis and re‐investigation of the elastic properties of single‐crystal magnesium silicate perovskite, Single‐crystal elastic constants of olivine, Elastic properties of the pyrope‐majorite solid solution series, Elasticity of α‐cristobalite: A silicon dioxide with a negative Poisson's ratio, Pressure derivatives of elastic constants of single crystal MgO and MgAl, Pressure derivatives of elastic constants of single crystal forsterite, High‐Pressure Research: Application to Earth and Planetary Sciences, Effects of porosity on seismic velocities, elastic moduli and Poisson's ratios of solid materials and rocks, Sound velocities in olivine at earth mantle pressures, Acoustic velocities and refractive index of SiO, Sound velocity and elasticity of single‐crystal forsterite to 16 GPa, Lithostratigraphic units: Chuanlinggou Formation, Stratigraphical Lexicon of China, the Precambrian. Figure 5 plots the υ values of 301 silicate minerals (9 cyclosilicates, 43 inosilicates, 219 nesosilicates, 5 phyllosilicates, and 25 tectosilicates) as a function of density at ambient conditions. The transition from the nonlinear regime to the linear regime is produced by the closure of microcracks within samples with increasing hydrostatic pressure (Christensen, 1985; Ji et al., 1993; Kern & Wenk, 1990). The solid elements were analyzed for seven categories (i.e., alkali metal, alkaline earth, transition metal, basic metal, semimetal, lanthanide, and actinide). (Guangdong and Guangxi, China) and constraints on the composition of the crust beneath the South China Sea, S‐wave velocities and anisotropy of typical rocks from Yunkai metamorphic complex and constraints on the composition of the crust beneath Southern China, Single crystal elasticity of andradite garnet to 11 GPa, Single‐crystal elasticity of grossular‐and almandine‐rich garnets to 11 GPa by Brillouin scattering, The single‐crystal elastic properties of jadeite, Structure and elasticity of CaO at high pressure, Structure and elasticity of MgO at high pressure, Effect of high‐low quartz transition on compressional and shear wave velocities in rocks under high pressure, Fabric‐related velocity anisotropy and shear wave splitting in rocks from the Santa Rosa mylonite zone, California, Negative Poisson ratios in crystalline SiO, Molecular dynamics study of the high‐temperature elasticity of SiO, Mechanism for negative Poisson's ratio over the α‐β phase transition of cristobalite, SiO, Molecular‐dynamics study of the high‐temperature elasticity of quartz above the α‐β phase transition, Complete set of elastic constants of α‐quartz at high pressure: A first‐principles study, Elastic, piezoelectric and dielectric properties of ZnO and CdS single crystals in a wide range of temperatures, The auxetic properties of a network of bending beams, Pressure‐volume‐temperature behavior in the system H, Elastic moduli, pressure derivatives, and temperature derivatives of single‐crystal olivine and single‐crystal forsterite, In situ measurements of sound velocities and densities across the orthopyroxene‐high pressures clinopyroxene transition in MgSiO, Foam structures with a negative Poisson's ratio, Advances in negative Poisson's ratio materials, Making and characterizing negative Poisson's ratio materials, High‐temperature phase transitions and elasticity of silica polymorphs, Elasticity of single crystal pyrope and implications for garnet solid solution series, Pressure and temperature dependence of elastic wave velocity of MgSiO, Elastic properties of the incommensurate phase of akermanite, Ca, Elastic wave velocity measurement in multi‐anvil apparatus to 10 GPa using ultrasonic interferometry, Velocity‐density systematics for the olivine and spinel phases of Mg, Elasticity of olivine, beta‐phase, and spinel polymorphs of germanates and silicates, Acoustic and static compression experiment on the elastic behavior of hematite, Some comments on the elasticity of stishovite as determined by ultrasonic and static compression techniques, Elastic constants of polycrystalline hematite as a function of pressure to 3 kilobars, Elasticity of aluminate, titanate stannate and germinate compounds with the perovskite structure, Literature Review: Materials with Negative Poisson's Ratios and Potential Applications to Aerospace and Defence (No. εa = Axial Strain = 4. Poisson's ratio (υ) is defined as the negative of the ratio of transverse strain to axial strain when an isotropic material is subjected to uniaxial stress (Christensen, 1996; Gercek, 2007; Poisson, 1829; Timoshenko & Goodier, 1970; Wang & Ji, 2009). (2012), Sun, Ji, Wang, Wang, et al. Furthermore, the auxetic behavior of the samples disappears at high pressures (e.g., 500–600 MPa) which are high enough to close almost all microcracks and micropores. The Poisson's ratios of halides, carbonates, sulfides, sulfates, and phosphates were discussed with special attention to the potential auxetic behavior of single crystal berlinite (AlPO4) in the vicinity of its α‐β structure transition (570–580°C and 0.1 MPa) or porous monophase aggregates at ambient conditions. The exceptional behavior of α‐cristobalite has been explained in terms of cooperative rotation of corner‐linked SiO4 tetrahedra (Grima et al., 2006; Keskar & Chelikowsky, 1992; Kimizuka et al., 2007). T. Horibe and R. Kobayaschi, Physikalische und Mechanische Eigenschaften von Karbongestein, Intern. The cell parameters of tetragonal α‐cristobalite are characterized by a = b = 4.9709 Å and c = 6.928 Å at room temperature and pressure. )CrO The sample studied by Kern (1979) was collected from Koli, Finland, while the sample investigated by Barruol (1993) came from the Saint Barthelemy Massif, Northern Pyrenees, France. As shown in Figure 18d, Poisson's ratio increases gradually with increasing P. For example, Poisson's ratio for sample J3 increases from −0.435 at 0.1 MPa to 0.084 at 600 MPa. Rock Mechanics and Rock Pressure; Published: May 1968; Determination of poisson's ratio for rocks by static and dynamic methods. 34, Izd. Metrics details. These values are close to that of quartz polycrystalline aggregate (υ = 0.08 (McSkimin et al., 1965)), suggesting that quartz is the most abundant mineral in these rocks. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. Small Bodies, Solar Systems In other words, the auxetic material under the impact densifies in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, inhibiting the formation of tensile fractures and thus resulting in increased indentation resistance. However, some samples containing <10% clay may contain relatively low porosity (2–5%) although these rocks generally show high porosities (6–10%), presumably depending on the degree of compaction between the silicate clasts. The elastic properties of potassium‐sodium feldspars, The elastic properties of rock‐forming minerals: V. Additional data on silicates, Birefringence study of the α‐β transformation of berlinite, AlPO, Single‐crystal elastic properties of the modified spinal (beta) phase of magnesium orthosilicate, Elastic moduli of single‐crystal spine1 at 25 °C and to 2 kbar, Pressure derivatives of the sound velocities of polycrystalline alumina, Pressure derivatives of the sound velocities of polycrystalline forsterite with 6 percent porosity, Antigorite‐induced seismic anisotropy and implications for deformation in subduction zones and the Tibetan Plateau, The α‐β quartz transition at high temperatures and pressures in a diamond‐anvil cell by laser interferometry, Velocity of shear waves in rocks to 10 kilobars, Universal equations of state for oxides and silicates, Single‐crystal elasticity of pyrope and MgO to 20 GPa by Brillouin scattering in the diamond cell, Elasticity of pyrope and majorite‐pyrope solid solutions to high temperatures, Elasticity of majorite and a majorite‐pyrope solid solution to high pressure: Implications for the transition zone, Elasticity of tetragonal end‐member majorite and solid solutions in the system Mg, Elasticity of natural majorite and ringwoodite from the Catherwood meteorite, Sound velocities and elastic properties of Fe‐bearing wadsleyite and ringwoodite, Elasticity of single crystal and polycrystalline MgSiO, Elastic constants of garnet under pressure and temperature, Sound velocity of some germinate compounds and its relation to the law of corresponding states, High temperature elasticity and expansivity of forsterite and steatite, Elastic properties and structure of alkaline‐earth silicate glasses, CaO and SrO single crystal elastic constant and their pressure derivatives, Equation of state of NaCl: Ultrasonic measurements to 8 kilobars and 800 °C and static lattice theory, Single‐crystal elastic constants of fluorite (CaF, Single‐crystal elasticity of fayalite to 12 GPa, High‐pressure elasticity of calcium oxide: A comparison between Brillouin spectroscopy and radial X‐ray diffraction, Temperature variation of elastic constants of single‐crystal forsterite between −190 °Cand 400 °C, The elastic constants of single crystal Fe, Seismic velocities and anisotropy of core samples from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling (CCSD) borehole in the Sulu UHP terrane, eastern China, P‐wave velocity differences between surface‐derived and core samples from the Sulu ultrahigh‐pressure terrane: Implications for in situ velocities at great depths, Seismic properties of the Longmen Shan complex: Implications for the moment magnitude of the great 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China, Effects of olivine fabric, melt‐rock reaction and hydration on the seismic properties of peridotites: Insight from the Luobusha ophiolite in the Tibet Plateau, Elasticity and thermal expansion of a natural garnet up to 1000 K, Thermal expansion of modified spinel, β‐MgSiO, Elastic properties of a single‐crystal forsterite Mg, Poisson's ratio behavior in crystalline rocks: Application to the study of the Earth's interior, Variation of the elastic constants of tourmaline with chemical composition, Sound velocities and elasticity of cordierite and implications for deep crustal seismic anisotropy, Elastic and photoelastic properties of TeO, Computation of seismic profiles from mineral physics: The importance of the non‐olivine components for explaining the 660km depth discontinuity, Single crystal elastic properties of protoenstatite: A comparison with orthoenstatite, Elasticity of muscovite and its relationship to crystal structure, Experimental study of the elasticity of single crystalline calcite under high temperature (the calcite I‐calcite II transition at 14.6 kilobars), Elasticity of six polycrystalline silicate garnets at pressure up to 3.0 GPa, Poisson's ratio of crystalline rocks as a function of hydrostatic confining pressure, Elasticity of some mantle crystal structures: 1.

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