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", Participated in the Explore Science Contest. In fact the syrup starts turning to sugar. Is there anything else I could use besides the flavored oil? Reply Now you can see it here next to a quarter for size comparison, not bad at all for four hours growth. All was ready in two hours. Question If we don't have one of these it can be almost impossible to get this right. But what if he wanted something like Maple Cherry..? -Take your measuring cup, and measure out roughly 4 cups of sugar, and add it to the pot. It's easy to do. I can't find any flavored oil anywhere and for some reason my computer isn't letting me buy it online. So all of this is no easy task, and I can only do it because of your support!! Well this is because of a Phenomenon called super-cooling, or at least in part. A few cups? Thanks a bunch for this recipe and all the tips! Were also going to want a measuring cup... Sugar of course, water, and a container to grow the crystals in. How many do you get out of this recipe? Thanks. 3 years ago, Fat finger post...Anyway, run a designed experiment...ANOVA, figure out significant factors, build the model equation, then use some calc to optimize...how fun! Maybe I won’t be bored while doing it. Waiting for your sweet treat to grow. WOW! Please drop me a Comment, a Favorite or a Vote if you got the reference in this steps tittle :) Anyways If you want to see the time lapse just of it growing, start the above video and skip it ahead to 9:07s. Remember to begin small with food coloring as well, adding ½ teaspoon to start and two to three drops at a time to deepen the color. It is essentially the same thing that happens when you let the sugar crystals grow over the course of weeks, except that instead is using evaporation. Make sure you don't leave it sitting for too long though, as if you do you might come back to a block of sugar. would liquid glucose work? Continue adding sugar until the sugar doesn’t dissolve and amasses at the bottom of the bowl, which is the point of saturation for the water. Also try to keep your thermometer from touching the bottom of your pot for the most accurate reading. This could be a Speck of dust, a scratch in the container or any number of other imperfections. For an example, the Freezing point of Iron about is 2,799 Degrees F, touch that temperature with your bare skin and I can assure that frost bite will be your last concern. I always love to try to innovate when I can, and share any new discoveries I find... That is why I have recently started recording my shenanigans s…, Pikachu Bedside Table - a Diy Furniture Project Inspired by Pokemon. On one last note, don't leave the excess syrup around to harden otherwise you might have a sugar brick left in your container. Wet the string or dowel with water and coat in granulated sugar before placing them in a hanging position inside the jar. once that that has been completed, now possibly the hardest part. Well thank you guys very much for watching, and if you enjoyed the video Please remember to comment, rate and subscribe!! -Secondly, you'll want to add in one cup of water. It looks beautiful whether you use it as fun party decoration or as classy wedding decorations, it always seems to draw attention.I just don't have 7 days to wait for rock candy crystals to form so I came up with this super quick, super fun, rock candy recipe. If using pure maple syrup the flavor gets stronger as it cooks down, in that process you're not cooking it until it becomes smooth. No, you can't add flavoring or color to it. on Introduction, Reply So with this mind let's understand, that just because the sugar is Hot or warm does not mean it can't be Super-Cooled, once again it is all perspective. Making a Fast Rock Candy Sugar Solution To make homemade rock candy, begin by boiling 2 cups of water to make a simple syrup. That's as far as ingredients goes for right now. As time passes, and the solution cools the sugar is forced out of it and crystallizes. Thanks :), Reply "Hey everyone thanks for reading this Instructable, I just want to let you all know all your Support means a lot to me, and makes it worthwhile! I guess I never got the sugar hot enough! So how we stimulate the crystals to grow is using something called seed crystals, or in our case a strand of seed crystals. Ive never heard of it. Allow the sugar crystals to dry slightly before eating or using them for decoration. 2. As you can see my sugar has clumped up, and would be annoying to try and use for normal baking. I will def be trying this out as I have to start practising for a geode wedding cake. A few minutes pass, and we are about to reach the syrup stage, my pot is starting to bubble up again, and as you can see they are a lot thicker now. I love rock candy. So this is a perfect way to use it up. Replace the string or dowel in the jar and cover with a wet paper towel or loosely wrapped plastic cling film. The rougher they are the better. Flavored oil can be any flavor desired and you can add different food colorings to individual batches.INSTANT ROCK CANDY SWIZZLE STICKS If you want to put the broken crystals on a stick to make rock candy swizzle sticks: Wet a wooden stick by dipping it into cooked sugar syrup (same as you’ve made for step one of the rock candy recipe, just make far less and leave it clear) now roll the wooden stick in the broken crystals, let it dry, wet again by drizzling a bit of sugar syrup on this time and roll in the crystals, repeat the process until you have the desired result.TRADITIONAL ROCK CANDYThere is the traditional way of making rock candy that takes a few days, where you wait for the crystals to form naturally, it is a fun chemistry process but very time consuming. I used this recipe but when it was done the finished result was soft and pliable, not hard like rock candy. Well no, or not solely at least. Thanks and I'm heading over to the party stuff and printables now I have a special little birthday coming up! Luckily mine can out fairly easily. When it is done it should look something like this. I am super excited to try out this recipe as I am short on time. Passing the word around to everyone I know with kids or kids at heart. When it came to breaking the solid piece of rock candy, I got stuck. I want to start with this recipe for a science project, but i wanna know what kind of corn syrup to use? This year is going to be a blast!! I am simply going to add in some vanilla flavoring for mine. Pour quickly onto greased cookie sheet. We also need something to grow the crystals on, I am using a piece of string, and of course if you plan on eating your crystals you want to make sure it is clean and safe to eat off of. Or only a few oz? After that you'll want to turn on yourthermal range, what ever it may be, to around medium-high. Return To Fun Ideas. Kids love watching the sugar crystals grow, and the project doubles as a science lesson on nucleation, the process whereby atoms and molecules build on each other to form lattice structures for strength. So the stuff will stay liquid for a time, until it finds something to nucleoli off of. To mix flavors make a double batch. If you prefer to use loose sugar crystals, simply brush the crystals from the string or wooden dowel before allowing them to dry. For thinner crystals, separate the blocks of crystals and spread them into a single layer to dry before using them for garnishing or eating. I have been challenged to create the perfect old fashioned and I think the Rock Candy Swizzle Stick is definitely the way to go. For rock candy sticks, use wooden dowels held in place by a clothespin balanced over the lip of the jar. I realize you have to make the mixture 300 degrees but what do you set the stove to? About and Inch from it should be good. After allowing the boiled water and sugar simple syrup mixture to cool for 10 minutes, pour some of the mixture into each of the prepared jars.

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