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Something went wrong. Otherwise, choose pure cotton for a soft and breathable bed covering you will simply adore. You can also emphasize your favorite decorating theme with a high-end bed covering. First, you’ll have to drive to an outlet mall at the other end of town and hope that they have something decent. 8 product ratings - Medallion Chenille Bedspread King, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. When it comes to buying new quilts & bedspreads, there can be quite a few hassles involved. What is a thread count? What this translates to is, basically: the higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the material will be. Luxury bedding ensembles featuring antique florals and scrolls bring refinement to a Tuscan-Italian theme. Since you already know you’ll be getting a great deal online, why not go all out and get something luxurious? Nothing is worse than rough, uncomfortable sheets. Not into stripes? You can avoid all that headache and search from a much wider selection all without leaving home. Larger clusters fill more evenly and distribute a more consistent, less lumpy feel than regular down. Grant your bedroom much more than grandeur. Choose from a variety of color options, themes and sizes to find a posh bed covering of your own. Polyester is a type of polymer, or plastic, that was developed in the mid twentieth century. Here you find a few bedding sets that look appealing, but unfortunately their price tags do not. LUXURY COMFORTERS    Bedspread Buying Guide. If you're searching for the mainstay to your master bedroom, then browse our luxury bedding collections for a little inspiration. Down alternatives are also an option. It saves you time, gives you more options, and thanks to Designer Linens Outlet, gives you the best deals! Most people have too much on their plate to devote a couple of hours to quilt shopping. This is because goose down is collected from older birds and clumps up into larger clusters. The use of velvet first became prominent around the 8th century in the Abbasid Caliphate near modern day Baghdad. Shop at and enjoy Fast & Free shipping on many items! Here are a few popular Martha Stewart quilts in a variety of sizes and materials. What kind of fabric do you prefer? Regular down is gathered from ducks instead of geese, and while both are incredibly soft, goose down is noticeably softer and more durable. In fact, velvet was held in such high esteem that back in 1399 King Richard II of England specifically requested in his will that he be clothed in velvet when he was buried. The material has always been associated with nobility and ceremony, and was highly prized in various European kingdoms for centuries. Queen size mattresses are the most commonly used sizes for master bedrooms. Bedspreads 94 matching products, priced from £ 30.00 to £ … That’s why online shopping is so helpful, because now the same experience can be done on your smartphone or computer in just a few minutes, no matter where you are. When picking out a new bed set like this, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Most luxury quilts have an outside layer of either velvet, polyester, microfibers, or cotton, while the inside material can be goose down, regular down, a down alternative, cotton, polyester, fiber, or other synthetic materials. Here’s a few that we love: If one important aspect in your decision is the brand that produces your bedspread, you can always trust the Martha Stewart brand to create high-quality, affordable, and reliable products. Polyester is another popular material for quilts and bedspreads, but it was invented much more recently than velvet. One reason you might consider going with a down alternative like something synthetic or made of cotton is that these tend to be much cheaper than down filling. Everyone knows that bedding sets don’t last forever. Presenting a wealth of colors, themes and sizes, our luxury bedding is fashioned to fit tall mattresses, so your bedspread will cascade gracefully to the floor. Goose down is considered the most luxurious option for the filling. Cotton is the traditional material used for most textiles, and some varieties, such as Egyptian cotton, are as highly prized as silk or velvet. An upscale bedspread from our luxury bedding will give your room an extravagant appearance. After all that you give up, go home, and try again next week. These type of polymers can be woven into fibers or threads that make comfortable, affordable material for a wide variety of textiles, including comforters, pillowcases, and more. Here are a few worth checking out: and remember, these kinds of deals are only available online! 99 $10.00 coupon applied at checkout Extra … Choose fleur-de-lis motifs to accentuate a Greek or Roman style, blossom prints to beautify your garden floral theme or posh medallions for your French decor. When you realize they don’t have anything with a thread count higher than fifty, you’re forced to drive to the outlet mall in the next town over. Cotton is also an excellent choice for your bedding set. Having a bedding set that you find comfortable is essential in getting a good night’s sleep. That’s okay, there are plenty of other luxury quilts and bedspreads choose from. Quilts and Bedspreads – Choosing the Right Set. retailUSDPriceGroup Bedding orders are shipping out within 1-2 weeks, however we are still … Designer Linens Outlet has deals on the biggest selection of luxury bedding options, and should be your first stop when looking to buy online! Give it a unique design, one tailored specifically to your rich style and tastes. Not only that, goose and duck down are typically obtained as byproducts of the meat industry, and the ethical implications of that can also be a deciding factor for some customers. It only makes sense, then, that queen sized quilt sets would have the largest selection to choose from. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. By shopping online, you can save yourself a lot of time and look at a wide range of thread counts and materials to choose from. Also, remember that Designer Linens Outlet will have the best deals on even the highest quality quilts & bedspreads. Designer Linens Outlet has the best selection of luxury bedspreads online. So go online today to find those perfect quilts & bedspreads that will complete your bedroom, and enjoy your best night’s sleep in years! Designer Linens Outlet has the best selection of luxury bedspreads online. Quilted designs, intricate patterns and striking motifs bring our luxury bedspreads to the height of elegance. Rose quartz, dusty mauve and wood rose will cast your boudoir in a feminine light, and vibrant golds give a luxuriant touch. An upscale bedspread from our luxury bedding will give your room an extravagant appearance. Velvet is one of the most popular materials for quilts and bedding, and it’s no mystery as to why. Shop luxury Quilts and Bedspreads on sale up to 70% off now . Velvet is essentially a type of tufted, woven fabric made of varying combinations of silk, cotton, and synthetic materials that is threaded in small “piles”. In this guide you’ll find some sets that we love and a description of each so that you can get a good idea of which one suits your needs for the best price. The products listed will have you sleeping like a king or a queen, regardless of the size of your bed. Lavish yourself in sumptuous fabrics and elaborate designs; polyester silk or satin brings a smooth texture and lustrous shine to your bedding … Or maybe you haven’t had your bedspread that long, but it just doesn’t seem like the right fit. The products … What is the thread count you’re looking for? The ensembles found here are all Touch of Class bedspreads, so you won't find these exclusive patterns elsewhere. Rich shades like ruby, merlot, plum or amethyst will lend your surroundings a look of opulence, while fawn, almond or ivory conveys subtle sophistication. Think about it, you spend every night laying on top of and in between your sheets and quilts and comforters. Keep that in mind when deciding what thread count is right for you. Shop our luxury bedspreads for an ensemble that will bring poise and opulence to your bedroom. One of the best qualities of polyester fabrics is that they are among the most stain resistant of any material used for bedding. Luxury Bedding & Bedspreads. Get a modern look with our transitional bedspreads, or fall back on classic appeal with Victorian, old world or traditional patterns. This means polyester is long lasting and continues to look good even after a few spills or accidents. They are probably just as important a factor as the bed itself. Pro Space Bedding Comforter Set Bed in A Bag - 7 Piece Luxury Microfiber Bedding Sets - Oversized Bedroom Comforters, Queen Size, Pink $73.99 $ 73 . Shop by color, size or style to fashion a high-end ensemble of your very own. We’re all busy these days, and the time that used to be involved with buying new bedding is just not practical now. These piles are what make velvet so distinctly soft and smooth to the touch. Geneva Jacquard Woven Jacobean Damask Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Casanova Jacobean Floral Dark Teal Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Castleton Damask Medallion Steel Blue Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Calais Jacobean Floral Soft Teal Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Laurelton Damask Medallion Wine Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Monaco Gold Damask Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Portia II Ruby Poly Satin Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Portia II Amethyst Poly Satin Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Portia II Pearl Poly Satin Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Portia II Rose Quartz Poly Satin Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Portia II Sapphire Blue Poly Satin Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Portia II Smoky Topaz Poly Satin Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Albany Jacobean Damask Medallion Grande Bedspread Bedding, Marietta Emerald Green Damask Quatrefoil Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Cambridge Classics Warm Gray Fitted Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Cambridge Classics Mink Fitted Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Cambridge Classics Aqua Mist Fitted Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Cambridge Classics Blue Shadow Fitted Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Cambridge Classics Cinnabar Fitted Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Cambridge Classics Golden Bronze Fitted Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Cambridge Classics Wheat Fitted Quilted Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Seraphina Ivory Damask Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Lansbury Woven Jacquard Abstract Floral Grande Bedspread Bedding, Bellevue Black Medallion Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Marseille Quilted Lilac Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Regency Parisian Blue Grande Flounce Bedspread Bedding, Courtland Cordovan Medallion Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Posy Floral Oversized Quilted Bedspread Bedding, Princess Scrollwork Blush Grande Flounce Bedspread Bedding, Eastleigh Filigree Design Ruby Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Palatial Grande Ruffled Flounce Bedspread Bedding, Antique Bloom Floral Oversized Quilted Bedspread Bedding, Arabelle Jacobean Damask Blue Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Grandeur Fleur de Lis Damask Oversized Quilted Bedspread, Devonshire Damask Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Ambience Tailored Damask Grande Bedspread Bedding, Springfield Ruffled Flounce Bedspread Bedding, Corsica Tailored Oversized Gold Bedspread Bedding, Elegante Faux Silk Luxury Oversized Bedspread Bedding, Summerfield Ruffled Flounce Bedspread Bedding, Silk Allure Fawn Tailored Oversized Quilted Bedspread Bedding in Twin or Full, Silk Allure Dusty Mauve Oversized Quilted Bedspread Bedding, Silk Allure Sterling Blue Oversized Quilted Bedspread Bedding.

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