how to add external antenna to netgear router

The WNR3500L is Dual-band....not Dual Radio. Other brand names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective holder(s). I don't have this router yet (it's on it's way) but I'm doing homework on it before it arrives. They are the Murata connectors, so I am going to solder the antenna to the board. How to Install External Antennas on NETGEAR WNR3500L. It kinda depends on who you look at it :) I THINK it is female but maybe male :). I guess you missed a lot. I only want to add an antenna for the band that I use. to install an external antennae on both WNDR3300 routers to improve the range and coverage. Trouble : If you want to help then give Murata reference of the connector. Here is the common commercial name of UF.l: Hirose. Hope someone knows the real story of this router's antennas! If the router did, there would be a port for one on the back of the router, usually near the power cord. yzy-oui-fi said: "But how can I tell what band each connection is for? If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me (from contact form). Today, a resume simply isn’t enough to stand out among thousands of applicants. I did it also for Linksys E2000(*) which use the same connectors (U.Fl). Last post was about Antenna that have good Rendering. Sorry but the U,Fl connector embed in the WNR3500L is not only ground welded, the center wire is also soldered to the main board. You should add u.fl to the list but since they look like u.fl connection them I'm sure your right and that you shouldn't bother actually testing or checking it. That way they'll take the place of the antennas rather than the test port, need to wait for some parts and time to do it though. WNR3500L is handwome to modify, its box is squared, easy to drill without damaging (it is more difficult with E2000 box), and U.Fl connectors could be find easily. Then all three connection points are the same? The 5GHz radios connect at this distance, but with a very low signal level. Those antenna are 10 dbi Sectorial RP-SMA With something like 2 meters low loss wire. Ok so let's get clear... Female or male? I guess I found the answer but yzy-oui does not talk about soldering. Plug the USB end of the coax-to-USB adapter into the USB antenna port on the back of the router. I have placed u.fl connections on them and tested the connection and the antenna cable does not make any contact with the board. And they don't work with U.FL's. Last post was about Antenna that have good Rendering. - RP-TNC Hello, If not another option would be to get another router and run it in bridge mode, or a wifi extender. Yes Murata make the connections, so there for it is a Muerata connector, Murata MM8430-2610 to be exact, difficult concept I know. I agree with the fact that if you do not remove internal antenna ,the total gain will be divide by ~2. While I can easily copy with 11-12 MB/sec between the laptop and the desktop machine until then I only got ~30 Mbits/sec in ip. Posted in Wireless Hacks Tagged antenna , mbr624gu , netgear , router … It seems to me that it is WNR3500L Board, that it use UF.l and that i connected UF.l/RP-SMA pigtails on it....?!?! Add to compare. I used it Since 2008 they are very serious and antenna are made in Art rules. I am modding a WNR3500 (v1) and there are three antenna connections on the main pcb board. The antennas in this mod are basically expensive scenery and are doing nothing, the router is still using the internal antennas. Now any external antenna can be used and the router still looks brand new. The grounding points are the grounding of the PCB. I have searched for diagrams and schematics, nothing found.". I only want to add an antenna for the band that I use. I'll confirm what ddwrtliukuohao posted regarding 5GHz signal coverage. We've already hacked the 2.4GHz radio. Laughing You can see some pictures about a very similar mod here at the end of the page. What he said. Its risky as you can of course damage the board if your not careful with the solder, but the alternative is costly and potentially time consuming as you need to find the parts. there is some difference between B/G and A kind of antenna. ANT2511AC-NETGEAR Indoor Dual Band Omni Antenna Model: ANT2511AC. Also, does it matter what kind of antenna? There are 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz as you mentioned in your last post.

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