highest paying graduate programs

They can also prescribe medication under the supervision of a board-certified physician. Many nurse anesthetists work in an anesthesiology practice instead of in a large hospital or other healthcare organization. Graduates often go on to work for the federal government, scientific research and development services, technical consulting services, and finance or insurance companies. Furthermore, the industry requires a high level of skill, so it offers a reasonable income. The salary and job growth rate data we used from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is for microbiologists as a whole, as there is no separate category for immunologists specifically. So you have finally earned that bachelor’s degree and it’s time to make money and enter the workplace. They assess patients, develop treatments, prescribe medications, and order labs, all while working independently. Some of the answers might surprise you. Job Prospects: 15% through 2022 Deciding to earn a Ph.D. in engineering should be driven by a specific need or interest. Average Salary: $73,502. However, there are many other potential positions for someone with an electrical engineering graduate degree, some of them standing among the highest paying jobs with a … Job Prospects: 15 % through 2022 There are many positions in nuclear engineering that involve working for the military or the government. Annually, the difference is $11,856 more per year to the graduate of a master’s degree compared to a bachelor’s. As aerospace engineering is a very complicated field, a master’s degree is the standard degree for professionals in this area. Job Outlook: A projected 20% increase through 2022 MBA students also take courses in corporate finance, business consulting, human and organizational performance, marketing, manufacturing, and banking. Students in this field master programming languages, research and develop uses for artificial technology, or create organizational and security systems. #TRENDING: Master of Science in Mathematics from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Median Salary: $55,900. Professionals with a master’s degree in finance typically pursue careers in corporate finance, investment banking, private wealth management or accounting. The highest-paid positions in electrical engineering are often found in the research and development departments of large corporations. In this rapidly changing technological world, someone with an Electrical Engineering master’s degree will be adept at several innovative areas, such as adaptive and reconfigurable mixed signal integrated circuits; antenna networks; bio-signal processing; computer architecture; very-large-scale integration (VLSI) and computer-aided design (CAD); computer networks; control systems; high speed switching architectures; signal, image and multimedia processing; nanotechnology; optical communications; photonics; and quantum information processing. While this was rare in past years, high-level sales has become such a competitive field that getting a graduate degree is seen as one of the best ways to advance in this career. Average starting salary: $78,200; mid-career salary: $124,700. Average Salary: $109,700. They keep accurate records of patient diagnoses, progross, treatment plans and changes in patients’ health. In many cases, rushing straight through undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs is not the best course of action. Again, this graduate degree will often include hundreds of hours of required work experience. Then, you know: a physical therapist evaluates and treats (with physical measures) patients with movement dysfunctions. Areas of focus include scientific computing, mathematical biology and numerical analysis. The median salary for an attorney was $120,910 in 2018, according to the BLS. The degree programs that have a high return on investment are in industries with a high demand for trained and skilled professionals, so you want to focus on medical degrees, technology education, and business degrees to prepare for industries that have a high level of growth. Computer science students learn skills that are widely applicable in various technology-driven fields. Additionally, to be a competitive candidate in the field, the degree will be an asset to you over the course of your career. Median Salary: $87,960. The Master of Public Health degree is a widely recognized professional credential for those seeking leadership and managerial positions in governmental, nonprofit, and private organizations in the health industry. It’s not easy to become a pharmacist. However, in some fields the prospects are measurable by BLS. Some financial managers also work to manage the finances of organizations such as trusts. Even working professionals who have been out of college for years can benefit from earning a master’s degree. HSBC offers a range of graduate programs, as well as internships and apprenticeships, to kick start your career in global banking. Most people working in engineering manager positions have a master’s level degree in the engineering discipline of their choice. In the United States, we place a high premium on advanced education, and many companies’ salary structure compensates more based on the highest level of education an employee has completed. Computer science researchers create the languages that programmers use to develop applications. A position as an Information Technology (IT) manager is another high-paying career path for people who have a master’s degree. Essentially, you learn how to teach others to utilize information in whatever endeavor they are involved in. Job Prospects: 10% through 2022 Job Prospects: 11% through 2022. Graduation from a MPH program affords students a variety of opportunities for employment. What are the Fastest Schools for a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering? Does the posting require a master’s degree as a prerequisite? In recent years, with the increased availability of remote positions, the traditional notion of how location-salary correlations work has shifted a bit. But the fields are so wide and the specialties so vast in number that graduates with focus can find work. Obtaining a master’s in project management may be the surest way for a working professional to successfully enter this field and begin a highly compensated career. As with some of the other IT professions, a master’s degree is not necessarily required to become a software engineer. The most successful data analysts have master’s degrees. A career as an IT manager will not be available to most applicants directly from grad school. When applying for highly competitive research positions in areas like computer science, physics, economics, or other sciences, a Ph.D. from Stanford or MIT might get you a lot farther than a Ph.D. from a less prestigious school. We take this information at face value, and these details are not independently authenticated by our company. There are different areas of specialization within chemistry, usually focusing on a specific kind of material or specific applications of materials. IT managers are usually responsible for advising and directing teams of IT professionals. Electrical engineering is another one of those fields that does not absolutely require a master’s degree for entry. Much will depend on your specific education and expertise, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a holder of a master’s degree is $1,401 per week. Graduates will work in all types of construction including residential, commercial, industrial, highway and heavy construction. Economics is one of the most ambitious fields of study. However, you can seek additional credentials or training to increase your capabilities in your current role, and negotiate an accompanying salary increase. A cybersecurity engineers works to protect their organization’s software and data from cyber criminals, commonly referred to as hackers. Job Prospects: 6% growth through 2022 Let’s look at interest. While some fields -- such as business -- typically offer a wide range of career options for those with the specialized knowledge and skills of a master’s degree, other fields may be very niche and, therefore, have limited openings. This, coupled with years of experience, qualifies them for these positions. However, like many other positions on this list, having a master’s degree in electrical engineering will help professionals obtain positions and advance more quickly in their careers.

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