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I did , and the dr said that i must lose some weight just curious as i really respect your opinion. With the added torque, the heel slip is gone and lockdown is dang near perfect. WalkJogRun is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. For example, I have the Lebron 15 in my true size but the ball of my foot only strikes in the foam that encases the forefoot bag instead of striking directly in the middle of the bag. Heel zoom is double stacked (YES!) Same as the “mid” – and we say mid tongue-in-cheek because really, it’s the same shoe. The Nike LeBron 16 is the successor of the Nike LeBron 15, and by all accounts is a new and improved version of the classic sports style sneaker. My gray IIs have at least one Zoom bag down, and I’ve wondered if it would be possible to like inject (with a syringe) some expanding foam just so there’s not a void underfoot. The integrated vamp also has the elastic cord to connect with shoe tongue. ▼The grain on outsole looks great. All of the midsole bubbles have outriggers molded into the outsole, helping with any tipping while playing. The hardness is different. Both of the cushioning systems are synonymous for Nike, and now in the Nike LeBron 16 are used wisely in order to give the best feel of comfort and stability. So should you buy the XVI now for $185? Finally a Nike sig shoe done right. I haven’t commented because none of the shoes you’ve reviewed recently has appealed to me more than the V2s, with which I’m still very content. As far as looks, this is to capture the teens and twenty year olds . I do, but it might be more of a getting used to it since they’re my go-to’s. I like the protros better mainly due to the lower to the ground cushioning. Just like other Nike sneakers, it doesn’t come without flaws, but here the compliments outweigh the flaws. Buying advice: hypebeasts will go nuts for these since Bron is in LA but players should still wait. Curry 2 Lebron VI Kobe IV KOBE VI Kobe I . Yeah, I know, there’s nothing wow or premium about this combination, at least, on paper. my brand new pair has broken zoom fibers as well. But yeah, that whole contraption seems prettt gimmicky. The worry with a large midsole is stability and the foot staying upright. Expected these to get down the $149 mark within a month or two then slap a 20% coupon to get you down to a solid $120. You can find the new and classic sneakers of Nike, Air Jordan,Yeezy…on Jordan Debut. I got the ls w laces . Where the LeBron 15 had the same cushioning system, it was also one of the most unstable setups I can remember playing in. Just a little wiping in extremely bad floors and it was back to squeaky-squeak and glue grip. I had some Kd 9s with fuzzy zoom fibers also. Now you can join our community and help support WearTesters’ mission while getting some amazing benefits. be fine but tiny (like the aj xx2) in terms of surface area. Starting at the midsole – there is no real midfoot shank, but with that huge Zoom system you don’t need one. . Right? Devi essere connesso per inviare un commento. Protro firmer compared to others even your 32. ▼The vamp and shoe tongue is connected by the shoelaces, ▼The lion on the shoe tongue is very cool. The midsole isn’t stiff at all, either, like some over-cushioned shoes tend to feel. Some occasional wiping is needed on dusty floors as well but not often. The cushioning is a lot lower but at the same time sturdier, so the midsole doesn’t damage and break after a short period of time. Awww, no Battleknit 2.0? Never played in the Peak Streetball master or anything that shares the same tooling/platform, so unfortunately I can’t answer that question. Plenty of features contribute to the comfort of the LeBron 16 model, and it’s one of the best things about this sneaker. Great performer all around with no major weaknesses which sounds a lot like the shoe’s namesake. The largest component of the support system is the fit and lacing. The frontline players should like it. I’m hype for the tan-based ACGish ones, mainly because that’s a wild colorway you don’t see too often. Rose 6 softest Boost imo. After all, it uses the excellent Zoom+Max air cushion, so the insole won’t be thin. Bummer the forefoot doesn’t feel ideal. Zoom done right is a perfect balance of impact protection and responsiveness and well, that’s what you get with the XV and now XVI. The Nike LeBron 16. Those are the big two for me, if I can deal with those I’m usually good to go from there. Yes, that is also pricey, but that’s all due to the fact that these shoes were made with high-quality materials, and of course, because they come from a celebrity’s line of shoe. The LeBron series still keeps the great technology. NIKE LeBron 17 Low REVIEW – Better Once Again? Other than that, even with the mesh/synthetic combo in charge as for the upper, they still do offer that lovely one-to-one fit while the lateral lockdown and ankle transition is actually improved. While playing, the thinner, lighter feel of the upper contributes to a fast feel most Max shoes don’t have. Actually it’s a combination of the large heel counter, thicker Battleknit and the raised portion of the toe. The mesh/textile upper of the Nike LeBron 16 Low may not be as “premium” as the mid, but it plays every bit as well. Very six rings, mars, yeezy meets jb look to it. With the added torque, the heel slip is gone and lockdown is dang near perfect. How much space do you have at the toe box In your size 8? Jordan Jumpman 2020 vs Zero Gravity – Battle of the Budget. I stood on that thing and it gives like thermal map that shows what size my feet are. Whereas the very top row of the lace holes remains utilizing that traditional crisscross lace pattern to push the foot back into the heel cup and leave no space for heel slippage. Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 Reviewed for Performance. Gotcha re. And it’s hasn’t been a month since this shoe came out. LeBron 16 is a pair of excellent basketball shoes. However, of the court he’s is admired and respected by millions of fans all around the world. I’ve worn the Lebron Solider 6 for the last 4 years and loved the shoes. Damn, dude, you’ve been on a roll! ( Log Out /  Awesome review! The updated LeBron 16 outsole features the comfort and cushioning of a full-length Max Air bag with embedded Zoom Air units for springy responsiveness, in an articulated execution to … Kudos on the review! Anyway it’s hard to find an “old” shoes in my country Hope you’ll like it. Need your opinion on the following: KD 11, Bron 16, Kobe 1 Protro. Not excited at all about it. That’s the trip the 16 low will take you on. Maybe I’ve just been eating too much ‍♂️, Pros: much improved traction, same cushioning, maybe a touch lower and firmer, fit, improved stabilty and containment, Cons: still rides high, some heel slip to start, Sizing advice: true to size or whatever you got in the XV, Best for: Players wanting maximum balanced cushioning, bigger guards-bigs. If you don’t like the feeling, go find a Kobe or another shoe but it just takes some time to get used to it. The 16 fixes the issues and feels the same great Zoom bounce while doing it. Let’s just hope Nike doesn’t call extra eyelets something like “lace customization technology” #marketing, Here you can see how far back the eyelets are set up a standard Kobe VI. The colors really pop on those, but I decided to take them back because I wasn’t excited to pay $220 for a shoe I was going to beat up on the court. I bought this thanks to your advice. Maybe arthritis is setting in but it was difficult and made the Harden V1 relacing seem easy. I’m currently loving the Protros. You should have a finger width of space at the toe box (your toes shouldn’t be touching the front) That’s what a brannock device measures off of. I have question about XVI’s sizing since I can not go trying on in store. Which performs better? Now im looking of a better cushioned shoes There’s no way you’re busting your ass out of the footbed or experience other support issues. This sounds like the first LeBron in a while that performs well overall and will fit my needs. I kinda like that they’re over the top but still somehow cohesive. Stiffer than the Max Zoom in the Nike LeBron 15. Im 40 years, 240lbs

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