extra light tension classical guitar strings

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Stay tuned. I tried the 800HT’s and found them a ‘good’ fit (i assess my string as ‘best fit/good fit/average fit /poor fit), so category 2 was nice. They used to make a set with two G-strings; a clear one and a coffee-colored one. I recently tried the Aquila Sugar strings. They are more expensive, but I now consider them worth it. I then bought and tried some 815HT Silver Special strings on the same guitar after 12 days; and found these the ‘best fit’. I find vibrant strings work better on spruce guitars, and use Galli Crystal/Carbon/Titanium, with good results. Did you notice any squeking on the Alchemia set? I’m always curious to try new strings (or get sponsored): If your strings aren’t listed here I’m very interested in trying out new ones and would be open to sponsorship. String tension shown below is an approximation. All Pro-Arté treble strings are computer controlled by an X-Y laser microscope which performs diameter and tension measurements, ensuring true-sounding, precise trebles in every set. Classical guitar strings are usually made of nylon plastic with a wound metal coating on the last three strings. Guitar string tension is based upon a 25.5" guitar scale length and standard tuning. ©2009-2020 W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Choosing the right set of best classical guitar strings is a fusion between tension and tone. In fact, i have recently dared to try LaBella Pro500p strings on my Salvador Cortez spruce guitar and Aquila Ambra 800 on my S/c cedar, and although the jury is out untill they bed in, the signs sound good. Also follow on Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Patreon. Hannabach strings may be wonderful on Luthier/high end guitars, but the above strings i have found to be good and inexpensive. I am going to replace Savarez High Tension strings on my new Cordoba C12. Well, I always start with D’Addario pro-arte as a baseline test for middle ground and go from there. Really? I too am wondering about Hannabach Silver strings- I may try some but I’d like to know what a more experienced player thinks of them, especially on shorter scale guitars like 630. You're reading one of the most popular independent classical guitar publications online. View on Amazon. Augustine Imperial Strings – I’ve heard great things about these and would like to try them out. Also, the idea of a string being ‘musical’ is a silly concept as it depends on what musical quality you are highlighting. I’m now trying D’Addario EJ46 and like them so far. D’Addario Pro-Arté Lightly Polished Composites, We will notify you when this product is available, D'Addario CGX-3T Pro-Arte Trebles Clear/Composite G/Extra Hard, D'Addario CNX-3T Pro-Arte Trebles Clear/Extra Hard, D'Addario EJ44LP Pro-Arte Lightly Polished Composites, D'Addario TNX-3T Pro-Arte Trebles Titanium/Extra Hard, Hannabach 815SHT Silver Special Super High Tension, Full Set, Hannabach 815SHT Silver Special Super High Tension, Trebles Only, Hannabach 826 Flamenco Buleria Super High Tension, Hannabach 827 Flamenco Classic Super High Tension, Full Set, Hannabach 827 Flamenco Classic Super High Tension, Trebles Only, La Bella 2001 Concert Classical, Extra Hard Tension, Luthier Nylon Set # 60, Concert Silver, Extra High Tension, Luthier Super Carbon 101 Set # 60, Concert Silver, Extra Hard Tension, Savarez 520J Traditional, Very High Tension (Yellow Card). However, beware that hard tension here is intensely hard tension so maybe go with lighter tensions. I did leave a long reply but, as i had not logged on, it disappeared. If you are the string company, feel free to contact me about any issues. Please realize that I can only review strings I’ve tried out. Welcome to All Strings Nylon! If you value the website, newsletter, free lessons, or sheet music, please consider offering your support to keep its future sustainable and secure. I’d be curious about your views on Hannabachs. I wonder if you’d review the Hannabach Goldin strings. The Augustine Classical Guitar Strings, which are commonly called “Blues” due to their packaging, are considered some of the finest sounding nylon strings in the business. What is a good string? But it’s difficult and expensive work. Trebles blend almost perfectly with the basses and do not exhibit excessive sharpness as Goldin do. String tension shown below is an approximation. Just click “Add to compare” for each item and then click on the floating tab on the right side of the page to see your items' specifications side by side. Hi Glenn. I really love the sound of Oasis High Tension strings on my New World Player classical, but like the author, I seen a lot of string breakage. Maybe a bit, I didn’t think it was an issue. The metal coating is typically silver-plated for tone and provides support for the life of the strings. It’s funny how people’s experiences vary of different makes of string. I tried them and they seemed pretty incredible, but pretty high tension for my old fingers. It seems clear that your next review should be of Hannabach strings. Subscribe to receive an email as soon as this product becomes available again. I am sure it as much down to the types/quality of people’s guitars as much as aural preferences. Also, quality control issues are probably rare but I’ve nevertheless commented on it because it affected me personally. I’m going to look after a set of those trebles in HT and the normal tension basses per your recommendation. If you prefer to shop as a guest, that’s cool too. I don’t believe that’s correct. Instead they are designated by tension which is a more important factor for nylon strings. The packaging not mentioning it or that they are composite style strings? – Bradford Werner. What is musical? FYI, Aquila seems to have identified that issue and now prominently advertises their new formula as “squeakless” – they even added a silver sticker to the package saying “Squeakless!” to reassure people that they are buying the new, improved formula. GORE, ELIXIR, NANOWEB, POLYWEB, GREAT TONE • LONG LIFE, "e" icon, and designs are trademarks of W. L. Gore & Associates. Extra hard tension / super high tension strings for classical and flamenco guitars Guitar string tension is based upon a 27" guitar scale length and standard tuning. Create an optional account with ASN. Music is about the sound, not the colours of the strings. I perceive that the most popular of their line are the 815’s. Visit Aquila and. Contact me: bradford@thisisclassicalguitar.com. Wondering what you would think of them? D'Addario EJ44 Pro Arte Extra Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings. Learn about our Privacy, Terms, Cookies, and Security, D’Addario Half Set with Hybrid Carbon G Hard Tension, read about their strings at their website, D’Addario ProArte DynaCore Basses w/ Titanium Trebles, Unfettered by Chika & Scott – Music for Saxophone and Guitar, Bach Cello Suite No.1, BWV 1007 (Lesson, PDFs), First time here? If you know of a string company I’ve not listed let me know about it. Tension shown below is an approximation. It may also impact the performance of your guitar. Hence it’s worth experimenting. I’m currently auditioning other Hannabachs. Very useful review! All tensions are based upon a particular scale length (Long=34" or Extra Long=36") and standard tuning. By using the site, you consent to the use of cookies unless you have disabled them. I have as yet to try them on my 3 Spruce guitars, which are more responsive.

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