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You take several sentences discussing something which really shouldn't be more than a sentence or two. Here's my modified version (based on the sources and not what is "likely" or "possible" and adhering to Wikipedia policy: Chunibhai was from a wealthy Ismaili Khoja family, whose members had—according to India Today—"embraced Hinduism" without relinquishing Ismaili loyalties; Bitti was an Ismaili, too, and the couple followed Aga Khan as a religious mentor. Rewrote some. The lead mentions parallel cinema but I can't remember seeing it covered and sourced in the body?? Try to shorten it. Meanwhile, the second Dimple Kapadia daughter seems to have a more discreet life although she was also an actress. It would save the FAC coordinators trudging through a long FAC review. I don't know whom you're quoting, I didn't use that language. It works in mine now. Later Dec 1938 is possible though less likely. emerging as the popular film " - most popular? Added another source. Example: "In 2006, she co-starred with Saif Ali Khan and Naseeruddin Shah in the psychological drama Being Cyrus, an English-language arthouse feature directed by Homi Adajania. The discussion below might seem like reams of prose, but please bear with me. Twinkle Khanna met Akshay Kumar, top notch Bollywood actor, in a photoshoot for Filmfare magazine. "... the Abbas-Sathe team pieced together a simple love story, a story of true love thwarted by family prejudices and the class divide. There shouldn't really be two different paragraphs covering the same topic. ... All of us girls wore identical clothes"[9]), How do you see "precocious" as an apt description (in literal or transformed meaning)? Yours is not a review, much less this section, which is a note to Encyclopædius, trying to persuade him keep his oppose. See more ideas about Vintage bollywood, Bollywood, Bollywood actress. Makes it more difficult to verify what comes from where. If you want to mention her reliving this time, then it belongs to the second paragraph just before "She retired from ..." You could add there: The wedding, performed ... her first film. "reinforced a weak script" Is "reinforce£ really the verb you want there? Her knotted polka-dotted blouse and earphone hairstyle were wildly emulated. Left to right: Dimple Kapadia, her nephew Karan Kapadia (son of Simple Kapadia) and Twinkle Khanna. How do you see "agree?" I finally did find sources for her father's religion. - I can't see any reliable source online which verifies that award which is odd as it is surely a notable award. ("We used to stay in ... a one-bedroom hall. I don't think it is a small issue. What is PR in the citation? You Will Be Stunned To See These Rare Disha Patani Childhood Pics And Her Drastic Transformation.... Akshay Kumar Injured On The Set Of Prithviraj, Netizens Mocked If It's Due To The Explosion Of... Did Arjun Kapoor Cheat On Malaika Arora With A Girl From A Dating Show? ("Will you be my friend?") The first Dimple Kapadia daughter seems to have an enviable career yet there was also times she got into controversies. Dimple Kapadia biography. All taken care of. (It is page 153, by the way.). As for the experience on sets, totally true. A review by Asiaweek labelled her "a delight"" - I don't see any encyclopedic value in including this. It was life up there on the screen." Where it says "Several of her lines in the film became popular, particularly, "Mujhse dosti karoge?" What do you mean by the best sources? has biographical value though I agree. Aside from the ones I identified as needing citations for unsourced claims there's others with OR issues, claims like "Reviews in India were similarly approving, with The Hindu finding her condition to be "enticingly vulnerable".[128]". But I have never consciously hurt anyone. Shahid • Talk2me 09:54, 13 June 2020 (UTC), The quote would be too long I think, I was thinking of something like "Kapadia was an extremely keen daily film viewer with her mother, and aspired to be an actress even as a child. "Mrinal Sen's 1993 Bengali drama Antareen, adapted from Saadat Hasan Manto's short story Badshahat ka Khatama (1950), was the first non-Hindi project Kapadia took part in since Vikram (1986)." [41]" - can't verify all of this, is all the plot info really in the book? Beautiful name, it means the dignified one". You probably don't need to quote a reviewer's opinion for ever film. Chunnibhai was of Ismaili Khoja heritage, but was thought to hold somewhat unconventional religious beliefs; Bitti belonged to a Muslim family. [36] In the same year, she made a short appearance in Mahesh Bhatt's action thriller Kabzaa, a critical failure. Rajesh Khanna. Share with Us. Huge claims like "For the next decade, she would go on to become one of the leading actresses in Hindi cinema." "For the rest of the decade, Kapadia returned to film only twice for two minor roles in the action comedies Welcome Back (2015) and Dabangg 3 (2019). Shahid • Talk2me 22:17, 11 June 2020 (UTC), Support I've now given this the grilling it needed. I saw a preview of the book just a few days ago and it says that it's the biggest hit of the year directly. Sadly not - I kept digging endlessly in the archives, and no such mention is made. She described herself as having been a precocious child, often making older friends, and, due to her father's wealth and social status, enjoyed a privileged upbringing. Ref 162 is not even used for this claim, it's the other sources - (163-164). I would avoid using the word "hit", as done in this part (in the box-office hit, For this part, (At that time, she also worked in numerous Hindi films made by producers from the, I am not sure about the wikilink in this part, (becoming the second-highest grossing Hindi film. And the next year, she gave birth to me. Done, page number provided. I returned to films only when I had to look after myself and my children. Ziddi was the first movie which registered on me. are sourced to p.185 see any mention of Kapadia let alone a claim like that?, and [4] Not viewable online at least not where I am. - the. For this part, (In that same year she married Indian actor), there should be a comma between "year" and "she". "Bhatt called her performance "stunning" and reported that when shooting ended, she was "on the point of a breakdown" as she was "exhausted battling with the nitty-gritty" of her character - a missing quotation mark and unnecessary to write in quotes. Was her marriage arranged or was it voluntary? In reply to this, she said: "I am moody by nature. The Truth About Sonakshi Sinha Mother: Is Poonam Sinha Or Reena Roy The Real Mother Of Sonakshi Sinha. Ref 12, Where did you access that source? [188][189] She often willingly chooses to work with first-time directors, finding their enthusiasm and creativity beneficial to both the film and her performance. Master showman Raj Kapoor signed her on when she was barely 14 and did the, "Her expressive eyes effectively conveyed teen angst. Changed to "whose members had reportedly "embraced Hinduism" while still regarding Agha Khan as their religious mentor" to agree with source. It says the marriage "came to an end" with Dimple walking out and moving to her parents' place. Fowler&fowler«Talk» 01:56, 23 May 2020 (UTC), ...nurtured in an eccentric lapsed Ismaili Khoja family and shared with a beloved guitar-playing, ink sketch-loving uncle. A few days ago I came back to update and polish it and today, having gone over everything, I believe it meets the FA criteria. No no, it's some. Done. We're always interested in hearing about news in our community. In time, the Shia were sub-divided. When a 30-year-old man "marries" an underage girl in five days in such manner, and description, can WP describe it as "short courtship? "This was followed by her final feature of the decade, Hum Tum Pe Marte Hain, in which she played the part of Devyani, the strict mother of a wealthy family" - can't see this in. Dimple Kapadia, Tilottama Shom, Ranvir Shorey, Kiku Sharda, etc. Asiaweek. Done - yeah don't worry I had this source waiting. As for two quotes - okay, kept just her early statement because that could be confusing. and, (i.e. [41][42] The film was a critical success and was eventually chosen as India's official entry to the Oscars that year. Apart from her working commitments, her personal life including the topics of Dimple Kapadia daughter, husband, and love stories are also concerned among fans. (Sentence 3) "sharing her unhappy marital experience, including inequality and infidelity on his part." There are other issues here: the lack of probing into her inordinately early marriage, probably running afoul of the Indian Age of Consent, at least in the spirit of the law, and of the general manipulation of vulnerable girls in Bollywood. Mithun Chakraborty The Indian Express." I hope not to be AWOL again if this is renominated so that hopefully it will be able to a much more positive experience for everyone a second time around. St. Joseph's Convent High School" has no full stop after St. "She retired from acting for twelve years" retired 1973, restarted 1984, isn't that eleven years? This article has been nominated for a month. It is probably better in in an encyclopedia to say: Kapadia, who calls herself "film crazy," aspired to be an actress even as a child," or, "Kapadia, who has called herself "film crazy," ...., or, "Kapadia, who had once (or with date) called herself "film crazy," aspired to be an actress as a child. I find it very difficult to read. She was launched by Raj Kapoor, but the film buffs among you will probably see her in Christopher Nolan's next. So please note that it's not a matter of agreement, there's nothing to agree or disagree with. The first thing that jumps out at me is that this is a gigantic mess. Done, The Hindu locked some pages, archivelink provided. She was born on 8 June 1957 which makes Dimple Kapadia age 63 now. |Jul 04, 2020. To demonstrate them, I have gone through just one paragraph in Section 1 of the article. She is not reflecting about the marriage only reliving her first year of stardom (. 1201, Lodha Supremus, Senapati Bapat Marg Lower Parel West, Mumbai - 400013, About us "She has confessed to accepting these roles for financial gain rather than artistic merit during this period, noting, " - the lead implies she was a big success after returning in 1984 but if she was in a bunch of crappy movies for money not fully honest. Done - removed, provided to direct sources for the two awards. That's a quick pass, I'll take a more detailed look later. †. See what she says on Rediff.com (November 2016): My grandmother is an Aga Khani so she would take Rinke and me to the jamatkhana. "Though financially unsuccessful, Angaar " -would it be possible to directly source that bit online? ", Please tell me, please, why the scholarly article ", What is it that you see here that does not appear already in the article other than the factual error that she was divorced (she was never divorced)? "Kapadia's part was that of career-woman Sandhya, and for her portrayal she was named the Best Actress (Hindi) of the year by the Bengal Film Journalists' Association." The film presents her story through the character of Siddharth (Khanna), a much younger man whom she befriends and who ultimately falls deeply in love with her. Check 2006 "with similar thoughts expressed by several critics" - is several critics supported in the citation? online?† Encyclopædius 19:20, 12 June 2020 (UTC), Okay I do understand Fowler's attempts to just fill this FAC with redundant talk (that's exactly what I was told he'd do, mess up the FAC to the point where his username is all over the place). Done for both. Ref 62 - not seeing the article there, just ". And when she emerged nymph-like from the pool in a red bikini, Dimple, despite her puppy fat, had teenagers enthralled. Where does it say, "She separated from Khanna in 1982?". Bitti belonged to a Muslim family.". Done. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Ref 118 Does that verify all "n 1994, Kapadia portrayed the journalist Meghna Dixit, a rape victim who tries to persuade an alcoholic and unemployed village man to be a champion of justice for those around him, " That looks like a self-made plot summary.

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