classic ice cream flavors

My father liked the 86 proof regular,but they also made a 100 proof rocket fuel. A buttery brown sugar ice cream chock full of roasted salted and buttered Georgia Pecans. BUT, Maple Walnut Ice cream… you’re talking about a rare treat. Probably only an older New Englander, Boston Shopper would remember! With our pails and 20 pack offerings there is always enough to share. How did I miss that? List RulesAny ice cream flavor you can purchase. Hands down the New England flavor has to be Maple Walnut, with the Northeast New England flavor of Frozen Pudding. Like the maple flavor so I’m certain that would be delicious. moved to Texas in 1952 and missed the Maple Walnut Ice Cream. Stone Fox Farm Creamery in Maine had been making super premium ice cream in these tasty flavors and more for years! Their peach is to die for as well. In addition to classic ice cream flavors they also have a... Vittoria C. Wentworth's is absolutely adorable! (There goes the diet!). I love coffee, then I saw grape nut. We make memories to last a lifetime. Maple Walnut is the best especially after tramping all over the mountain side and throwing a fishing line into the brooks all day. Living in Canada I haven’t found any ice cream to beat New England. A Vermont memory from years ago! Take a break and read about all of your favorite locations that made the Best of New England Hall of Fame. We’d always stop at Howard Johnson’s for Ice cream and she’d always get MW. It was one of my Mom’s favorites…That and Rum Raisin. We have introduced many friends and family over the years and they are all now rabid Ginger Ice Cream lovers as well!! According to the waitress, this ice cream is made especially for the diner so you’ll have to stop by to try it. My favorite is Maple Walnut and when I go back to MA, I always get a huge cone every chance I get. I like Friendly’s coffee ice cream OK, but prefer the bit stronger coffee flavor of Hood’s. Another busy ice cream with many flavors is “Richardsons Dairy in Middleton also on Rte. I have tried all of the favorites. I agree with one of the first commenters–why can’t we get a recipe for frozen pudding ice cream? We have it year round at Daddy’s Dairy ???? i love Giffords Grapenut, Maine Black Bear, Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Toasted Coconut. Another good stand is Treadwells. ISLAND ICE CREAM…made in small batches in “the Islands” a bit beyond Burlington. My first love frozen pudding and can’t get outside Mass. My father would take the family to the Howard Johnson for a Sunday ice cream cone. Their selection is amazing. especially at Peaceful Meadows. I like grape nut but…nothing on earth like maple walnut. I’d have it whenever I came home to NH once a year. My mom used to take me to the Dairy Bar, the old train station in Durham, NH on UNH campus, all the time growing up in the ’70s. They don’t make it anymore and i miss it. I have lived in St. Louis MO for 30 years and can’t find any of these flavors. Smooth and bold with big coffee flavor, the only way to make it better is to blend it into a coffee cabinet (or frappe) made with Autocrat Coffee Syrup. My husband – a California guy – is constantly on the hunt for good ice cream – anything black raspberry for him…. One I was there I glanced at the Wall Street Journal and saw a small article about how people in New England eat more ice cream than people in any other part of the country. Chocolate lovers trash at brusters and raspberry rumble from Schwans. It’s a niche flavor, for sure.

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