christening vs baptism

I’m just sort of explaining why I didn’t have it done earlier. There is no reason to be both christened and baptised as they are really the same thing. He loves children. You will likely want... 9 Gift Ideas For Your Godson's Baptism: Cool, Unique & Personalised. I always assumed baptism was the original word used and christening was a newer word that people used to describe baptism plus a naming ceremony. Is a Christening specific to the Baptism o infants and sprinkling? Are there other ceremonies that I should address? Confirmation can happen around the same time that a child starts taking Holy Communion. I even had all of the sponsor certificates ready before I attended the class, but they refused to schedule the baptism without all steps completed. The child then has water sprinkled or poured on their forehead to baptise them – this is the main part of the baptism/christening service – the actual baptism. The main difference today is that a christening is for a young child/baby, but baptism is for everyone. The bible only commands baptism once, and it lasts a lifetime. The act of baptizing in itself consists of the member of the clergy stating that the baptism is done in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. I can’t find the term used in any Church documents I have digital copies of. More often it is a Protestant baptism of an infant that is regularly called a “Christening.”. The ceremony takes place during a service or at home, and is followed with a reception. Dana Holmes is a lifestyle, gift and etiquette expert who acts as Editor in Chief of and the Gift Rap Blog. Anyways it was funny about Limbo. Also, what a coincidence about the birthdays! “Old church laws” are not the same as timeless Church doctrines (which are objective truth). P.S. Churches that offer baby baptism also offer confirmation when the child is older, around 12-13 years old. “Christening challenges me to be true to my calling. If you can accept that God took on human flesh, was born of a virgin, suffered and died on a cross, and rose to new life on the third day, then ascended into heaven… I think you can learn to accept the doctrine of Purgatory whereby the faithful are purged of impurities after death before they enter heaven. Non-Catholic churches also christen babies but don’t baptize them. Here’s praying that she grows a great God fearing person! In my opinion it is absolutely fine to give a christening card for a babies baptism or a baptism card for a christening. Actually, the Modern Catholic Encyclopedia (Liturgical Press 1994, Nihil Obstat Robert C. Harren: Imprimatur: Jerome Hanus, OSB, Bishop of St. Actually Christening is a term used by Protestants and never by Catholics. The major differences between baptism and christening stem from the way the ceremonies are conducted. Regardless of whether it is called a christening, a baptism, or a baby dedication, I believe God accepts anything that comes from honest hearts that desire to be closer to him. If that is your parish’s mindset, they’re taking liberties that they shouldn’t. A Lifelong Calling But is that really so? A wide variety of practices are found in the spectrum of Protestantism. When speaking of religion, one cannot remain without discussing the various practices that are linked to it. Baptism is instructed by Jesus to all who believe in him. Water is poured, or a person is submerged in the water for baptism. Maybe now that Limbo is not a factor, that might have been the reason for no rush w/ my parish. People are "informed." I’m hoping to find official sources on the subject. Gifts for a bris are any cute baby gifts for a boy. She never was Baptised or went to church and was maybe 9 at the time and I gave her the tour and told her about who was married and baptised there she’d know of and how I as a grade school person nearby school spent many directed hours there not just on Sunday for an hour. If you believe in God then you are baptised – which is how God planned it. In our vocabulary (secular as well as religious) we often use “unofficial” words, and since everyone knows what we’re talking about most of the time, it doesn’t mean very much (“that’s not a shovel, it’s a spade” or “that’s not a spatula, it’s a turner”). The results of the investigation into the existence of Limbo was: It was just a theory and Now… It’s still just a theory. • Because baptism is referred to an ablution and the washing away of sins, adults can also be baptized, however adults cannot be christened as they already have a name that they have been using. My search data only went back 5 years, but if I look back to 2013 I can see an even bigger spike in the search term christening when Prince George was baptised in October 2013. I really want to know more on the subject, but can’t find official church documents that explain. Christening refers to the naming ceremony (to "christen" means to "give a name to") where as baptism is one of seven sacraments in the Catholic Church . That you believe in him and want to follow him and his teachings. Sign up for our newsletter to get comparisons delivered to your inbox. The Catholic Church does not call baptism “christening.”. I knew my brother would (as my family did) and so does his wife’s family (all Ireland born and bred). The Protestants could not get their hands around that nor the confessional, mass, and the hype about the power and prayers to the saints and over adoration of Mary. I'm sure I went to some when I was younger, but as far as rules go I am totally clueless. One thing to note is that a baptism, while most commonly performed on an infant, can also be performed on an adult who wants to convert. God knows our intentions when we bring our children to him. I think this is a great idea as it helps connect the church to people who don’t usually attend church. Catholic Encyclopedia says that ‘christening’ is the naming part of the Baptism. The baptism ceremony usually occurs during a regular Sunday church service. Baptism vs Christening vs Baby Dedication: Which One Is Best? When the parents have answered the child’s name the baby is then baptised. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, : The views and opinions expressed in these forums do not necessarily reflect those of Catholic Answers. Which one means what? This is the only Christian sacrament that can be done by anyone in case of an emergency. The baptism ceremony should have its emphasis on the Sacrament of Baptism. In the case of baby baptism the parents believe on behalf of the child and state their intention to raise their child to know and love God. Not that a baby is sinful, but it's the church's way of recognizing the inevitable sins that humans commit during their lifetime. Another route some choose, like my grandparents did, is to give money or savings bonds as investments in the child's future.

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