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Total Area: 2,256 sq. ft. 3 Car Garage Our Carriage House series buildings are all available custom designed specifically for you through our experienced in-house design drafting team & then custom- built for you in the Mid-Atlantic area by our experienced craftsmen; or as an economical shell framing kit including siding, trim & roofing (metal or shingles)  & then drop-shipped directly at your building site for the do-it-yourselfer or your carpenter team, who then can easily erect our shell kit in several days using ordinary electric power tools. As the transition from horse and buggy to automobile occurred, these appealing structures were often converted into garages and guest suites. For the more skilled enthusiast (or for your local builder), our self build Timber Frame Garage and Carriage House kits could be the perfect way to invest in your property and occupy you at weekends. Wall panels are fully finished and that includes fitment of cladding, windows and pedestrian doors. An 18th or 19th century home of any consequence included a carriage house. user's browser. A "cookie" is a small digital file that is created by a website and then stored by a FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. 3295 Route 549, P.O. The Acadia (25x38) The Alturas (26x39) The Big Bend (24x34) Do it yourself home improvements have become popular in the current climate where so many people are spending time in their houses. WINSOON Decorative Garage Door Hardware Kit Carriage House Accents Dummy Hinges Handles Black Steel Screw Mount Barn Decor Kit for 2 Car Garage. Purchasing went flawlessly and the biggest thrill for me was your low shipping charges … usually those charges are the reason I don’t end up ordering from so many places.” A detailed foundation drawing will be sent out with order confirmation paperwork. Carriage houses for large estates could be quite elaborate and large enough to house many carriages, horses, tack, and hay. ft. 2 Car Garage Accessibility note: This slider is equipped with an optional lightbox feature, which can selectively expand the current slide (image) in a new, popup window. 36-inch door cutout (wheelchair accessibility) $0, Additional exterior wall wiring chases (cost varies), Additional exterior wall plumbing chases (cost varies). The DSB range of Carriage Houses. ft. VA  Contractor Class A License # 2705100075. There is no special equipment needed beyond carpentry hand tools and a hammer drill for ground anchoring. It is becoming more popular in building construction over traditional steel and concrete because of its environmental benefits. **All square footage amounts listed are shown as “Gross Livable Square Footage.” “Gross Livable Square Feet” is defined as the combined floor area of all levels for the building structure, encompassing the perimeter of the exterior wall line, but not including space under a 5’0″ height line, typically occurring at the second floor where roof lines intersect with floor lines. Contact your Woodhouse® regional sales manager or independent builder dealer to start the design process on your own particular great camp. We are able to accommodate most requests. Our prefab timber frame garage kits include every item required to build your own garage. ft. 2 Car Garage ft. 2 Car Garage Timber is also the only truly renewable construction material on the planet. Box 219 All Passmore prefabricated garage kits are individually manufactured in the UK by our team of skilled staff in our workshop. If the base is level and square the kit will go together like clockwork. Remember, when you choose a prefab garage kit from Passmores you are actively helping keep forests alive by opting for a building made of sustainable timber. Prices for Carriage House Kits start at $19,500, contact us for pricing of specific models. Roof trusses are fully fabricated and gables are clad. We are part of an environmentally managed forestry scheme in Sweden that plants two new trees for every tree used. "Your assembly instructions were excellent. 27. Passmores is a trusted family business that started more than 100 years ago. Total Area: 1,440 sq. The garage kits are perfectly suitable for assembly by competent DIY enthusiasts or a local builder. Over the years our product designs have been refined and improved and we now offer a wide range of timber frame garages and garden buildings. We use these cookies to help improve our site, including Each of the designs has two or three ground-floor garages, protected by a steep-pitched roof, with ample apartment living space above them. ft. 2 Car Garage 4.8 out of 5 stars 43. Carriage House Garage Plans Design If you are looking to build a new home, you know the importance of having a good house plan before you embark on your project. You can choose the size of garage kit you need and price it up, using our garage and carriage house kit calculators below. Complete Prefab Kits with all parts, fixtures and fittings. about cookies. Total Area: 1,228sq. All Carriage Houses are delivered and erected at your location by our experienced installation teams, or are available for self-assembly/DIY. Everyone at Woodhouse® is committed to being exceptionally responsive to your needs and concerns. Click here to use our prefabricated carriage house kit calculator. Footprint: 30 x 30 ft. 2 Car Garage Horse-drawn carriages for the most part are now part of the past so now a days, many carriage houses have been modified to other uses such as secondary suites, guest houses, automobile garages, offices, workshops, retail shops, bars, restaurants, or storage buildings. If you are planning to do this, it is important to discuss this with us first. improvements to both content and ease of use. Carriage houses for small, city houses could be small, utilitarian, or only adequate to house one small carriage. Footprint: 26 x 39 experience on our website. ft. 3 Car Garage An 18th or 19th century home of any consequence included a carriage house. We recommend that you talk to at least two local groundworks contractors to understand exactly what is required. Our DIY prefabricated garages are flexible and can be specified according to your requirements. ft. 2 Car Garage + 1 Tall Shop Bay Learn more ft. 3 Car Garage These options allow for the purchaser to choose the option that fits there needs and budget. ft. 2 Car Garage Footprint: 25 x 36 If something is not clear in the itemised packing list and comprehensive erecting instructions, we are able to offer telephone assistance so don’t hesitate to call. ft. 4 Car Garage Total Area: 1,524 sq. Total Area: 2,120 sq. Total Area: 1,675 sq. Tag: carriage house kits. FREE Shipping by Amazon. PLEASE NOTE: The Carriage House Plans found on website were designed to meet or exceed the requirements of a nationally recognized building code in effect at the time and place the plan was drawn. ft. 2 Car Garage Total Area: 1,012 sq. Not seeing exactly what you are looking for? When planning your self-build timber garage, try to allow at least 1m space around the garage for maintenance. We deliver our build-your-own garage kits throughout the UK and into Europe. Footprint: 24 x 34 There were some issues with the hot water and the a/c heater unit but Carriage Houses sent Micah out several times to fix it all. Carriage house oak entrance frames are morticed and tenoned. “I so enjoyed shopping from your website … such clear photos of your offerings and, of course, your designs are wonderful. Footprint: 24 x 40 Our carriage house plans generally store two to three cars and have one bedroom and bath. 100+ years of Timber Garage expertise. Carriage Houses are a great option for those looking to add storage space, a workshop, an office, or even a studio apartment space for members of the family to move in or use when they visit. 12’, 18’, 24’, 30’, 36’, 42’, 48’. The timber frame and panels are prefabricated in our factory so the difficult work has been done for you. Features like bargeboards, fascias and timber trims are all supplied cut to size. Woodhouse® has always been the first to offer the best—and we are only improving upon this standard. Carriage houses for large estates could be quite elaborate and large enough to house many carriages, horses, tack, and hay. Our erected Carriage House shells kits can also be ordered with the upstairs sub-flooring, floor joists & interior partitions included; however these items may be deleted for initial cost savings, and can be installed by others at a later date. Footprint: 24 x 34 They could even include basic living quarters for the staff who managed the horses and carriages. to have a felt roof or be made to accommodate slates or tiles, extra space for a log store or attached garage, a garage with extra capacity for a workshop. The first floor of a Yankee Barn Carriage House is generally used for vehicle storage. Need a house that fits certain lot sizes or dimensions you don’t see here? We absolutely love our tiny house! Kurt was wonderful and did everything he said he would do. In the 1950s, the demand for stables, garages and cricket pavilions took off and many of the designs we use today can be traced back to that era. For a large, double garage kit, ready for tiling, the price is between £4,724 and £7,366 plus delivery. Paying homage to the ever-popular carriage houses of the 19th century, Woodhouse’s Carriage House series takes the homespun charm of a traditional carriage house and merges it with elaborate and elegant design. DIY Garages delivered to your front door, across the UK. The foundation needs to be ready at least a week before delivery of your build it yourself garage kit. Footprint: 28 x 28 But as a guide, for a single, wooden garage kit with no additional features, the price starts at £2,495 plus delivery. "Your assembly instructions were excellent, my timber garage kit was 100%, complete and it took me and my builder less than 2 days to erect it - I couldnt be happier" - Mr. D. Leicestershire, Create your own Carriage House in just 5 minutes, Create your own timber garage in just 5 minutes. 4.5 out of 5 stars 53. Any lower levels (basements), connectors, or garage areas are not included in our package price, but framing materials are available at an additional cost. ft. 1 Car Garage 2nd floor & Roof Framing (Joists & Trusses), Building Plans (for foundation and construction), Instructions on Contracting a Local Builder, Obtaining Permits, and Carriage House Assembly.

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