brochevarevarura thyagaraja lyrics in english, 359. Melukovayya  mammeluko –, 245. Ninne nera namminanu, 332.Ninne  bhajana seyuvadanu, 333.Ninnu vinaa   sukhamu, 334. Enthuko Guru leka    eduvani, 124. Palaya  sri Krishna naa tho -, 623. Athade danyudura, 23. Thava Dasoham Dasarathe, 562.Thelisi Rama Chinthanatho, 563. Noremi  Mrudu Shambo shiva  sankaraa guru   Thulasi  Jagat janani, 571. Gana moorthe   Sri Manasaa mana samarthya memi oo, 223. Sri Manini Manohara, 517. Vinaa radha, 603.Vinaradha Dhaya leni  brathukemi  , roopuni, 233. Lalithe , Nee Daasanu thelusu kondi Tripurasun, 63. Varadaraja   ninu kori   Mara Neevu Brovavale, 323. English meaning of 653 Thyagaraja Krithis arranged in alphabetical order English meaning of 653 Thyagaraja Krithis arranged in alphabetical order. Evvare Evarichirira  sara Sri Raghuvara Karunakara, 524. Nevadane gaana nikhila lokanidhana, 326. Sundara Alaka lallaladaga  gani, 11. Siggu mali naavale, 500. Bhava sannutha  nadhagamentha Rama Sitarama Rama, 435.Rama Raghu veera , rana dheera ra ra rajakumara, 409. Translations to English of the lyrics of Krithis of Carnatic music , which are tomes of devotion. thalli neevu naapaala kaluka, 167. bogave manasa, 247. pranatharthiharudanusu, 131.

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