best digital voice recorder 2019

Recording quality is strong, up to high resolutions that approach broadcast levels. This is … Wir haben den Field-Recorder einem Test in der Praxis unterzogen. It has a clip to attach to your top pocket, or your notepad, perhaps, and is lightweight and easy to use. It has 4GB of memory, which is ideal for those who have a lot to record and need ample space to do so. With voice activation and MP3 encoding, it’s a versatile and very handy little machine. Dieser Pocket-Recorder kommt mit Farbdisplay und Mehrspuraufnahme! There's nothing worse than realising your phone or laptop hasn't recorded that important interview properly – stick to the tried and trusted technology of a dictaphone with our top picks, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. The screen lights up orange and has a clear display so that you are always able to see what’s going on, and the key information is shown clearly and accurately at all times. Buy now from Amazon → For a complete enjoyment of a speed as well as crystal clear recording count on EVISTR as with this digital voice recorder sounds are recorded in WAV format. A micro USB connector and supplied USB cable are used for charging. Then we started recording: kids explaining their artwork, audio notes in the car, bird song, guitar practice, phone interviews, and staged controlled test scenarios. The Livescribe is a different way of doing things. We also like the Zoom H1n (view on Amazon) for a more professional setup. Capable of recording in MP3 format with a highly sensitive s-microphone, the Sony adds 4GB of internal memory that can hold up to 159 hours of recording time while organizing files into more than 5,000 possible folders for easy navigation. The recording quality is excellent whether you're in a large room or up close to the speaker. Browse through our top ten dictaphones below. Best Voice Recorder – Sony. It's a fairly started USB voice recorder that records mono audio (if you want stereo, you should check out the ICD-PX470). The iPhone's Voice Memos app, for instance, is very good and is about to get a design and feature upgrade this autumn. Think about what’s most convenient for you when it comes to these two factors. Nagra is exceptional quality, revered by broadcast professionals, and this model is designed for radio journalists (though they will probably add a separate microphone). Der DR-44WL ist größer und teurer als Tascams DR-22WL. Required fields are marked *. ", "Outstanding features for the price, including adjustable microphones. Make as little noise as possible, because the advanced microphones on your audio equipment will definitely pick you up.

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