beijing winter temperature

No deposit is needed until you are totally satisfied with all tour plan details. As with other Chinese cities, there are a high number of speciality Chinese restaurants but there are also a high number of international restaurants as well as bakeries and cafes. One of the first things that anyone thinks of when they hear the word China is the Great Wall and when visiting Beijing it is an absolute must see. There is the chance of rainfall but there is no risk of sandstorms or thunderstorms that Beijing experiences during the spring and summer. Between March and May, the spring weather in Beijing is generally dry, and quite warm, although sandstorms can blow in from the Gobi desert. Night time temperature are expected to be 10 °c.It will be dry with no precipitation. we got all the meals we were promised on our itinerary and being vegetarian was not a problem as he, she handled at my quries promptly and effectively. 1. In January or February, Chinese New Year festivities in the Hutongs are certainly an experience and warming food from the many street vendors will help to take the edge off the biting temperatures. offered the most competitive prices but - more importantly - they were the agency most prepared to customize our visits according to our interests. Winter is the longest season in Beijing, generally starting from mid-November and ending March. The Cut Steakhouse is one of the high dining options in Beijing and with the prices for meals falling between £36 and £71 for per dish, it is very reasonable. Although it is cold in the winter, but the hotel rooms, restaurants and cars are all nice and cozy. It is clear, sharp, fresh, and crisp, not smoggy, gray and drab as the others say. 1. We hope you like it. It snows about twice a year in Beijing, usually somewhere in December or January. Wind: 6 mph. Address: B1-1003, Block A, Kaixuan Building, A No. The colours of the Forbidden City are more pronounced against the winter backdrop, and the stark beauty of the Great Wall is increased too, so don't discount a winter visit to Beijing. The Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel, the HuLu Hotel, the Red Wall Garden Hotel, the Opposite House, the Orchid Hotel and Fairmont Beijing are all very different hotel experiences but all equally excellent. Places like the Great Wall Box House, Maoer Hutong B&B, Fly by Knight Courtyard, Inner City, Brickyard Eco Retreat and Alborada Hostel offer affordable and safe accommodation in Beijing and a chance to see Beijing from a different angle. - Aug.) Autumn (Sep. - Oct.) Winter (Nov. - Mar.) The visibility is going to be around 10 km i.e.

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