acoustic wedding songs to walk down the aisle

This feeling transcends the bride and groom because it’s memorable for family, friends, and well-wishers present. With acoustic music, you can add as much or as little music to your wedding ceremony. A discography filled with romantic ballads that make your heart melt. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri Find wedding musicians and DJs on WeddingWire ». 15. All the categories of acoustic wedding songs put together with help to make your wedding day memorable. At the moment, we can’t get enough of acoustic love songs. Well-paced and upbeat, You Are the Best Thing celebrates the joy of being with the one you love and how many good things being with them adds to your life. It’s a perfect processional song and sets the tone for a wonderful ceremony. 1. 19. Acoustic wedding songs are becoming a favorite of the modern couple. Stephanie is a photographer, writer, and Ravenclaw living in California with her family. The accompanying acoustic guitar is what makes all the difference in music. They are romantic, with far more unique soundtracks than the regular. You'll hear Vitamin String Quartet's gorgeous acoustic renditions of popular tunes, which would be great for a first dance, processional, and reception, respectively. Most couples choose about 3-4 wedding ceremony songs to complete the whole processional process but hopefully, this list will get you started. And we’ve got just the right compilation to journey with you down the aisle. If “your song” includes a kick drum, guitar solo and a fast tempo, it may not be the best wedding song to walk down the aisle to. January 15, 2017 March 24, 2016. Walk into the beginning of the rest of your life with some good ol’ country love songs. Celebrating a lifelong love found and held forever, the music is paced perfectly for your walk. Go for it! This is another song where the title says it all. A Love That Will Never Grow Old – Emmylou Harris. So, it doesn’t count if you want to take a walk down the aisle to Metallica, folk songs, Beyoncé or Estelle. This song about getting through all things, good and bad, as a couple is a great option for your wedding march. In My Life – The Beatles ! Country music is another genre that includes some incredible and unique songs to walk down the aisle to. Don't believe us, just watch. For this part, the best fit is a playlist of acoustic wedding ceremony songs. Soothing and deep. At … So many great songs including the Lily Allen cover of “Somewhere only we Know” and Leon Bridges “River.” I hope to attend a wedding soon that uses one of these. It also brings about a certain kind of calm that you will find only in contemporary acoustic music. This iconic love song from Ol’ Blue Eyes is a sure thing for your wedding processional. It’s a perfect wedding song, and if you are interested in bucking tradition, this should absolutely be a consideration. Marry You – Bruno Mars This iconic rock ballad is steady paced and beautiful. For those who like a twist to a classic, this version of the wedding march adds a guitar, which is sure to make your processional beautifully classic — but also metal. That said, I don’t want you to have to spend long searching (unless you really want to). 24. Heartfelt lyrics pervade each song and will have your wedding guests feeling the love as you walk towards your partner. The first dance is a special moment that all of you will want to remember forever. Regardless of the genre you choose, the presence of an acoustic instrumental, bits of help reflects the bond you and your partner share. It infuses many of the activities we take part in and is an integral part of who we are as people. Press play on our Spotify playlist and listen to some of our favorite instrumental songs to walk down the aisle to. You & Me – Dave Matthews Band ", Why We Love It: "Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars's hit song takes on an interesting sense of drama and grooviness when performed on string instruments. A timeless classic that everyone will recognize, Canon in D is a beautiful (and one of the most popular!) if you don’t find anything you like here, head over to this playlist for even more love songs. by Stephanie Kaloi. A duo or acoustic solo expert can pick out and separate the romance of any song. Human Nature – Michael Jackson P.S. The theme and lyrics meld perfectly, creating a joyful and heartfelt walk down the aisle. Keep it light and happy. Want your band to play a slowed-down acoustic version of your top option? It’s your big day, so be sure to smile, stand up straight, and make that walk confidently. All You Need Is Love – The Beatles The journey to finding the best acoustic wedding songs for your big day isn’t always easy. Blake Shelton – God Gave Me You; Sammy Kershaw – Love of My Life The acoustic touch gives music the super effect. Please read our comment policy before you comment. This string cover of Katy Perry's pop anthem is refreshingly bright and tender", Why We Love It: "A sweet and upbeat string composition of Taylor Swift's country song for (what else?) For the ceremony, couples often pick out three main songs. I dream of walking down the aisle to Florence + The Machine’s NEVER LET ME GO. You want to make your own rule and put a fun twist on everything? "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars From the album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans, 2010 Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Judy Garland Whatever song you choose, you will end up in the same place; next to your partner ready to take your vows. With a beautiful piano introduction, this song celebrates the joy of love found and cherished. I'm Going to Murder the Next Person Who Calls Me a Bridezilla, My Friend Said I Should Sell My House To Afford Her Wedding. Please refresh and try again. This song is an incredible addition to any wedding processional. Kissing You – Des’ree A gentle acoustic composition of Berlin's iconic Top Gun soundtrack song", Why We Love It: "We'll be honest, this one took us by surprise. This string quartet delivers a slightly more refined variation that packs just as much of a punch", Why We Love It: "A soulful acoustic adaptation of Dusty Springfield's jazz hit", Why We Love It: "A catchy and rhythmic instrumental cover of Ingrid Michaelson's indie declaration of love, on acoustic guitar", Why We Love It: "A sweet acoustic interpretation of Ed Sheeran's affectionate pop ballad", Why We Love It: "Calvin Harris's hit dance song performed by this piano and cello duo may have us feverishly dancing harder than the original", Why We Love It: "A soft acoustic rendition of Cindy Lauper's forever classic hit. We can't listen to this song without singing that famous chorus in our heads", Why We Love It: "A mysterious and dramatic string performance of everyone's favorite Jimi Hendrix piece", Why We Love It: "The Beatles's famously bright and cheery song performed instrumentally on acoustic guitar", Why We Love It: "A soothing and tranquil string cover of Ellie Goulding's indie-pop song", Why We Love It: "A melodious piano solo of The Fray's stirring rock song", Why We Love It: "Coldplay's indie song captivatingly performed by a cello and piano", Why We Love It: "A sweet arrangement of the transcendent Vangelis original, on piano", Why We Love It: "A poppy string interpretation of Colbie Caillat's fun, folk song", Why We Love It: "Get ready to sway to this delicate and sentimental variation of Aerosmith's legendary love ballad by a string ensemble. by Vitamin String Quartet, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You," by Trio Comodo, "Calling Dr. Love," by Vitamin String Quartet, "Come Away with Me," by Vitamin String Quartet, "Don't Stop Believin'," by Bridesmaids Quartet, "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You," by United Guitar Players, "Fallin' For You," by Bridesmaids Quartet, "From This Moment On," by United Guitar Players, "God Gave Me You," by United Guitar Players, "Grow Old With You," by United Guitar Players, "Half of My Heart," by Bridesmaids Quartet, "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You," by United Guitar Players, Here Comes the Sun," by Fred Benedetti and Peter Pupping, "How Long Will I Love You," by Bridesmaids Quartet, "How To Save A Life (the Fray Tribute)," by Piano Tribute Players, "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing," by Bridesmaids Quartet, "I Want to Hold Your Hand," by Guitar Tribute Players, "I Will Always Love You," by United Guitar Players, "I'm Yours," by the Vitamin String Quartet, "Like I'm Gonna Lose You," by Vitamin String Quartet, "Love Me Like You Do," by Vitamin String Quartet, "Me and My Cello (Happy Together)," by The Piano Guys, "Mine Would Be You," by Bridesmaids Quartet, "Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts," by Harold Arlen, Joseph Bracket, Edgar 'Yip' Harburg and The Piano Guys, "Shape of You," by Vitamin String Quartet, "She Will Be Loved," by Bridesmaids Quartet, "Something in the Way She Moves," by Fred Benedetti and Peter Pupping, "Something Just Like This," by Vitamin String Quartet, "Stairway to Heaven," by Fred Benedetti and Peter Pupping, "Stay with Me," by Vitamin String Quartet, "Take My Breath Away," by United Guitar Players, "The Edge of Glory," by The Vitamin String Quartet, "The Look of Love," by United Guitar Players, "Thinking Out Loud," by the Guitar Dreamers, "This is What You Came For," by Brooklyn Duo, "Time After Time," by United Guitar Players, "Uptown Funk," by the Vitamin String Quartet, "You are So Beautiful," by Bridesmaids Quartet, "You Are The Best Thing," by Bridesmaids Quartet, "You are My Sunshine," by United Guitar Players, "You Raise Me Up," by United Guitar Players, "Your Hand in Mine," by Vitamin String Quartet. The choice is yours, and the options are endless!

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